Any comment on Sebotek hearing aids

Hi all:
Anyone heard of Sebotek hearing aids. Are they good? My dispenser from Wal Mart mentioned this name. He said one of his client who wore analog hearing aid before like this one, unfortunately Wal Mart in Ontario does not deal with Sebotek anymore. Any comments?


they only sell open fit products.
they won a few lawsuits against some of the big boys, like phonak, oticon and siemens, they have license its tech to starkey…

other than that, their products should be OK, altough it is a fairly small company…

Are their open fit hearing aids have more power than other big boys so that they can be fitted for those have low frequency loss like me?

Did you buy one? Would like to hear of your experiance.

I would not buy them again. I have had them for 3-4 years. I am replacing them now. Their durability is very poor. I have had 4-5 replaced. They are very susceptible to moisture - so if you do anything that makes you sweat, don’t wear them. When they worked I liked them, as I did not have to take them out for singing in the choir. I am now replacing them because they are not strong enough to deal with the continued hearing loss.

I have had Seboteks for about 6+ years now. When I purchased them they were the only RIC available. I think they’re great, but they are also the only RIC I’ve ever tried. I will second the moisture issue. If you sweat they will cut out on you.

I’m getting ready to purchase new aids and I think I’m going to try the new Phonak Smart IX. Hopefully they will be better with moisture and hearing in noisy situations.