Any BAHAs Self Programmable?

I’ve been adjusting and programming my own Siemens / Signia Aids for years. Been very nice to fine-tune it myself.

Is there a way of getting the programming equipment and doing it yourself when it comes to BAHAs?

I have not heard of any ways of programming the devices outside of what the manufacturers enable for industry professionals.

Not quite the same thing but there are examples of people doing stuff with DIY hardware.

I recall about 5 or 6 years ago reading about someone that took a bluetooth speaker and rigged it up . Magic of google - interesting to re-read the story again.

I would suppose getting a good 3D printed fixture for connecting to an abutment might be pretty tough tolerances.

There was another person (perhaps and an adjunct engineering instructor) that was programming up either his own bone conduction device or cochlear implant

There is an article online about something related. Bone Conduction Hearing System And Open Source Application | 2021 4th International Conference on Data Storage and Data Engineering

The tympan project doesn’t seem to have anything about bone conduction but their software and hardware could probably be made to work with bone conduction.

I’m curious to hear if you go down this road at all.