Any advise welcome please

My hearing has deteriorated badly over the last 10 months. Ive now got Bilateral profound high frequency hearing loss, my speech recognition is only 50%. I’m in The process of getting new HA’s as I type this. Yesterday I saw a new Audio for an adjustment of a trial pair, as my usual one is on leave. This new audio told me not to waste my time or money on getting new aids. She went onto to say I fit the criteria perfectly for Hybrid Cochlear Implants. Gave me a referral told me to send it off. Whoa! I’m at a total loss hear, I can’t find very much info on these Hybrid Cochlear Implants on the internet.

Does anyone on hear have a hybrid cochlear implant?
Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions please?

Do you have your audiogram? There is bone conduction shown on many of them. If you were fitted with a device that pressed against the head (bit uncomfortable) your bone conduction was tested. That should give info that the audi based her remarks on. If the bone conduction gives much better results, you may be a good candidate.

I don’t know your location or age. In the US, Medicare will only cover one aid. People likely needing implants are advised to try to get one before they go on Medicare to keep options open later.

How can anyone answer the OP… No audiogram, no location, not much of anything. So far we have one person fitting him for aid and that said they wouldn’t work.

Looked at previous posts. From Australia. Was advised to consider cochlear implant in left ear in 2014. Here’s audiogram from 2014.

Hz L. R
0250. 25. 25
0500. 20. 25
1000. 45. 35
1500. 95. 45
2000. 105. 50
3000. 110. 65
4000. 110. 60
6000. 100. 80
8000. 100. 90

Well kiss my butt I should have found his post from years ago!! So, what the hell does want? He’s been sitting on the info for years someone to hold his hand? If he’s bored he should sue whomever is trying sell him aids.

Please I come to this site for help not sarcasm. I’m female and living in Aus. As I said in the last 10 month the hearing in my R ear has deteriated dramatically. I’m not bored at all, as to this Hybrid Cochlear implant there’s little to no information to be found on the internet. If I go ahead and have an implant that should need to be removed does the implant destroy the little residual hearing I have left?
Do either of you 2 people have Hybrid implants?
Does anyone have any constructive advise please?

In 2014 I discussed a Cochlear implant with my ENT surgeon, he wouldn’t consider it then as the hearing in the R ear was reasonable.

My current up to date audiogram 2 weeks ago the results are
250-15. 15
500- 15. 15
750- 25. 35
1000- 35. 50
1500- 95. 100
2000-110. 110
3000-105. 110
4000-110. 110
6000-110. 110
7000-110. 110
8000-110. 110
Bone conduction on L -HFA=55
Bone conduction on R -HFA=45
my speech recognition has gone from 90% 2 years ago to 50% 2 weeks ago.

I do not have implants. I’m not sure there are any on the forum that have hybrid implants. I know there there a few with non hybrid ones. I’d encourage talking to your ENT, perhaps calling the company who makes the hybrid implants and asking if they can refer you to people who have had the procedure done.

HLAADan has implants. The HLAA website has a rather inactive forum that has info about them on it. Their moderator has them. Your Bone conduction makes you a candidate. You need to find a specialist at installing them. HLAA might help with that. What’s your general location?

You might already have tried this, but I think you will have a better chance finding information by using the term EAS implant (short for Electric Acoustic Stimulation, see, for example,, I think hybrid implant is more of a colloquial term. A friend of my parents’ was fitted with an EAS implant recently, I’m not sure how much residual hearing they were able to preserve - haven’t talked to her directly myself, but before her surgery I did some reading about EAS implants. As far as I understand, an important criteria for being a candidate is that your hearing loss isn’t progressive. In addition, the air-bone gap needs to be relatively small (

I live in Melbourne Australia KenP
From what I can understand here in Aus they use 2 types of Coclear implant. The Hybrid type which is used only for high frequency hearing loss and the full Cochlear implant for people who have both high and low frequency loss.

I’m scheduled to get a hybrid or EAS cochlear implant soon. You are right that there isn’t a lot of information available online about them. If you are a Facebook member, there are several Hybrid CI groups you can join. I’m hoping that they will be able to save my residual hearing but I’m also hoping that I don’t lose it later. I live in NC near a clinic that has done a lot of hybrids. The company they like to use is MedEl. Hope this is a little help to you.

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Cochlear also has the hybrid CI option too! (was looking at those for my mom too)

At my CI appointment last Friday I was told that the Hybrid array L24 has been removed from the Cochlear Implant listing for use by surgeons. Does anyone know or heard why? I know of a lot of recipients that have had to have them replaced with the longer array.

Hi Piper -
I just finished my initial eval for CI last week at House Clinic in LA – my audiogram loss looks very much like yours (in both ears) so we considered only EAS (hybrid) as my LF range is practically normal. I’m considering a single CI in my bad (left) ear. My surgeon sounded like this was routine and he does them all the time… so I imagine you should be able to find someone knowledgeable to get info from. He mentioned that in my case he would be actually using a normal electrode length, just not inserted all the way to preserve my LF as much as possible. They said that a 10db loss was about average in residual hearing, but that the benefit of adding the the high frequencies back far outweigh the loss of LF. I am a professional guitarist so am really concerned about keeping as much of what I have…

Hi Ford
@ford I live in Australia, and our Health system is a bit different. I’ve been approved for a CI, but I’m having second thoughts. My approval is for only 1 CI only in my R) ear. As the surgeon doesn’t know how long my left ear has been like it is, I can recall it being like it is for 56 yrs. But it could be a lot longer than that, the surgeon thinks I could have been born like it. If that’s the case my L) ear will never respond.
If I go ahead I also will be having the long straight array 522, as hybrid arrays are not used here anymore. My concerns are around the possibility of loosing my residual hearing, which is very good, no guarantees I won’t, and the imbalance of sound and speech between the Cochlear and the HA I will still have to wear in the L) ear.
So I have a lot to think about before proceeding.