Any advice on why my hearing loss has changed for the first time in one freq only?

My hearing loss has always been the same since I was born but I have noticed for a while that I was struggling (only slightly) so went for another hearing test.
It showed that my results were exactly the same apart from 500htz which has gone from 115db in left and 105db in right to non responsive at all in both ears.

I have not got a clue to why that would happen. Aud says it is permanent but not sure what to expect.

I only hear about people loosing their high freq but this is classed a low freq so I am wondering why?


When I test people with such high thresholds I’m not surprised when they get a response on one test and then not on the next, although the change on the Right would be more surprising than the left. I’d wait to see if it’s the same on another hearing test, maybe even two before attributing it to a permanent decrease. It also depends on the transducer used during testing. For example, if I test using headphones and not insert earphones I can get 10dB more volume…so I can go up to 120dB instead of only 110dB, when I use headphones. So if your pro used different transducers that could explain part of it.

As to why it would effect the lower frequencies…there are some syndromes that target the low frequencies, like Meniere’s, before High frequencies.

Ok Thanks - He put these things in to my ears and has always done so I guess that means ear phones.

I do have Meniere’s but no one has explained to me that it effects low freq before high freq.

Do you find people with Meniere’s have hearing losses that changes all the time? That will give me hope that I may get it back! Will ask for more hearing tests tho as well.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Meneire’s has 3 classic symptoms, Episodic dizziness/vertigo accompanied by a sensation of fullness, loud roaring tinntius, and fluctuating LF SNHL.

Sorry for jumping in but I want to learn something. I usually get tinnitus during hearing test and it confuses me as tinnitus and test signals are smilar. Is there any solution for this?

I get tinnitus. When tinnitus comes, my hearing goes completely but only after about 1 minute it comes back. Get very bad dizziness which I have been on tablets for, for 10 plus years. They diagnosed me with M Disease when they put me on tablets.

What I’m curious about is, if people with MD get different results with hearing test a lot if the time?

My tinnitus also gets worse when having hearing testing. It is actually not worse, but you are paying closer attention to your hearing so you notice it more.

My HIS uses a chirping tone instead of the standard constant tone. That way I can pick it out from the tinnitus. I get more consistent test results that way. Otherwise my results fluctuate by as much as 20 db from one test to another.

Now to really upset some people.
First thing to remember about hearing testing is that audiology in an inexact science. Hearing testing is a really good attempt at finding hearing thresholds; it is NOT perfect in any way and is littered with variables. Even in the profession 5 - 10 db is accepted as within limits. Even headphone placement can attribute to some or all of the error. An audiometer is callibrated once a year. I have proven that a properly calibrated audiometer can be 10 db out in some frequencies with a week of calibration. I also carried out some experiments with users and patients. If either is a bit tired or having a bit of an off day, the results can be 10db out.
Hearing testing has not changed since the 1930’s and untill it does, we are stuck with no more than a pretty fair hearing estimate.