Answering the phone at the office

I am using the audible 24 hundreds in their working great my challenges at the office when I try to answer the phone sometimes I could barely hear is there some device or some work around I may consider

If it is an old-fashioned landline desk phone, sometimes the manufacturer makes a handset with an amplitude wheel in the hand part. I had that at work and it helped quite a bit, but that was probably 20 years ago and it is unclear that such phones still exist or you are using one.

Does your aid have a telecoil? I’ve never had one but have read that they work very well with landline phones.

Have you tried holding the speaker part of the phone directly over the microphone of the hearing aid? I imagine you must have, it is an instinctive response.

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I have that issue as well. Oticon has a device that you can hook up to the landline with a streamer and you can use that to answer the phone directly into your hearing aids.

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I don’t know the capabilities of your hearing aids but if they can connect to a streamer or device like an Oticon ConnectClip, you might be able to use an appropriate work phone with a good bluetooth implementation to stream the phone call audio to your hearing aids. I have Oticon Opn S 1 aids and a ConnectClip - the combination appears as a “headset” to my office phone (a mid-level Cisco VOIP phone with bluetooth). This helps me understand better than using the provided handset even though the Cisco phone has a fairly high quality handset and the volume can be changed.

One co-worker with significant hearing loss got a caption call phone provided by our employer (a state university). That phone has a screen that shows a transcription of the call audio. I don’t know the cost/availability for workplace phones. You might check the website - the service is free for individuals, at least in parts of the US. A retired friend had one provided to him free for use as his home phone. He found it useful even with his hearing aids.

Another workaround if you have a cell phone and your hearing aids connect directly to the phone as a headset for calls would be to forward your work calls to your cell phone (I do this now as I’ve been mostly working at home for the past year).

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That is a good idea about forwarding your calls to your cellphone from work.