Another Target Question


I’ve acquired Target and an iCube2 and it seems to work OK. I’ve been playing with my old aids, Phonak Naida S IX SPs now relegated to backup status, to get to know the software before I try it on my new HAs. I’ve been able to connect and load from the Naidias and save it. So far so good.

What I’d like to do is make changes and try them out but only during the session, I don’t want to ‘permanently’ save them to the HAs…yet.

So, my question is…if I load from the HAs and then fiddle with them but save the changes only to the database, will the HAs revert to the pre-fiddle state on the next reset? I’m assuming (hoping) that’s the case. Or will I have to reload from the initial saved settings and save back to the HAs?

What I’m thinking about doing is taking the laptop & iCube into situations like noisy restaurants, etc, and doing some in situ tweaking. I’ve always thought that would be a great idea but have never had the capability before.



Fitting software (in general) will give you the option of whether to begin the fitting session using the settings from your database, or using the settings from your hearing aids.

Then you proceed with the fitting session modifying/tweaking the settings that you have chosen as your beginning settings.

At the end of the session you can save the settings in the database, or in the hearing aids, or both, or none. If you don’t save the changes to your hearing aids, then your hearing aids are as they were before you started.

So, just don’t save the changes to your hearing aids.


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