Another newbie question?


First, thank you for your service. You are a veteran of 34 years look into the VA programs to help with expenses. The last I heard your hearing aids will be free from the VA. They will give you the best aids and battery’s are free also. I believe they replace them every 3 years.


You’d probably do better with an aid in each ear. Especially since your left ear has a significantly better word recognition score. That should make TV much more understandable when streaming. Did the Costco fitter say different? The fitter can adjust the software to make TV louder through the streamer.


I think your problem will be solved by adjusting Fitting hearing aid!
You can use a hearing aid with:

  1. Impulse Noise Reduction (INR) -> Loud,impulsive sounds in the environment
    such as slamming doors,dropped items, or clattering dishes can become
    uncomfortably or dangerously loud in a traditional hearing aid.
    The INR algorithm actively monitors and processes the incoming acoustic signal for such sounds.
    It ensures that the output sound preserves the integrity of the speech signal and is descriptive of
    the environment, while maintaining an optimal comfort level for the hearing aid user.

  2. Acoustic Environment Classification -> analyzing incoming acoustic signals in order
    to determine the appropriate classification for a given acoustic environment.

  3. Automatic Adaptive Directionality (ADM) -> algorithm automatically reduces the
    level of sound sources that originate from behind or to the side of the
    hearing aid wearer without affecting sounds from the front.

  4. Your audiologist must set the Upper Threshold according to your audiogram.

  5. Your audiologist must set the Peak Clipping according to your loudness discomfort levels (LDL).


@lgbuck62, if you’re going back on Wed. for a follow-up, consider trying a hearing aid just in your left ear. You may find that things sound a bit more natural and less overpowering—you may not, but worth a try anyway.


Does the Resound Forte 8 (from Costco) have all of these features available horia?


I will check and tell you.


@lgbuck62, Unfortunately, I can not find detailed technical information about Resound Forte 8.
Look for an audiologist who has experience with the Resound Forte 8.
Your problem can be solved by a good audiologist.


Thanks for trying. I appreciate your suggestions.


I think it’s the same as the Resound Lynx 3D. More information on that available on their website. Go to their professional site for access to studies and white papers.


The Forte8 vs Linx3D9: You see 8 vs 9 for level. What is known to be not present in the 8 is tinnitus feature and remote programming.

Costco believes tinnitus feature is of questionable value and adds to the cost of doing business without significant benefit.

Remote programming would reduce store visits and that isn’t good for their business either. Store visits are an important and closely monitored metric.


Ok. Had my appointment today and he took something out of or off of the system that he said they say improves things but he said he had had several people like me that complained it made it worse. Please don’t ask me what it is/was because I was just so happy to have the whole thing toned down so that it didn’t hurt when someone was talking to me, I forgot to ask.

He made this adjustment and now everything doesn’t sound nearly as loud and harsh as before.

He also said to get the streamer to work effectively I would need an aid in each ear but didn’t feel like I was ready for both ears yet.

I also had him give me a copy of my audiogram and would be glad to upload it if I could figure out how! Something about needing two profiles! It seems to be like this hearing aid, nothing is easy.


Yes it is kinda weird that a profile needs to be made in two places. But for specific terminology you enter or type in your audiogram on this site…not upload. So don’t go looking for an upload button or anything like that.

Edit: So I created another test user and it’s pretty much an automatic thing.
Click on your icon in the upper right. A little menu should pop up.
Click on the little gear icon. Another window should take over.
Click on Expand to the upper right side. More stuff should appear.
Click on Hearing Tracker Profile in the middle left. This will go about creating the other profile automagically.
Click on Add My Hearing Test under the blank chart on the lower right side. Here you can double click points or just click on Manual Entry to the lower left of this pop up and enter your numbers in manually.

Or go back to your welcome email (the 2nd one after the account confirmation) and click on the “See your new profile” link and skip to the last step above.

ReSound Forte supported?
Hearing Aid Reviews on Tracker
Type/name of hearing loss, asking after 4 years

Thanks. Got it uploaded. Kind of interesting seeing Dukes notes as far as WRS & score in my first post in this thread compared to the audiogram i posted in my profile from Costco.

  1. Is an assumption, but fair enough they are pretty close.

  2. I’m not sure what Costco’s policy WRT patient care, but 50% of people with hearing losses report tinnitus. It might not be ‘good for business’ to deal with people who struggle like this, but slicing and dicing your market to cherry-pick the best bits doesn’t strike me as the best way of providing a service to the hearing impaired community at large.

  3. Remote programming has two real targets, those who are unable to travel repeatedly for adjustment and those who wish to evaluate a setting change that exceeds the reach of their app. If Costco ‘needs’ you to come into the shop to make this happen, then their only real reason is likely to be that you’ll probably pick up something else on your way out. This is classic multi-stream destination based marketing - they want you to travel to them to extract more profit - as the mobility of Boomers diminishes (with the thoughts of wandering around a huge store) I can see why they are pushing this sort of strategy.


About number 2, many people have tinnitus but my guess is that very few feel masking it with a hearing aid is helpful.

About number 3, the Costco shops are pretty open. There is not really a private place except the booth. You know how people are when waiting for someone to help them. I was here first, why is he on the phone, he’s in the booth goofing off while we are waiting. So it may be a combination of the physical layout and workspace and also store management not wanting them to discourage store visits.

A third reason is they may not want to encourage people to have more adjustments because they are swamped. And before you say that’s a terrible reason, you know everybody else tries to manage their followup care workload to allow time for new sales.


Thanks for trying to help me. I have tried following your directions but never got to the one that says “add my hearing chart”, or anything similar. All I get is a blank chart, but no way to do manual entry.


Try another browser maybe. I use Firefox on Windows 10. But I have a bunch of things filtering different data. I’ve made this site work though. It might be as simple as allowing pop-ups temporarily as the little window that opens might be just a pop-up.
As an experiment try this for the manual entry page. The chart placement pop-up links to this page for manual entry.


I was using Chrome on my IPad. I’ll switch to Mozilla to see if that works.


Got’er figgerred :slight_smile:


See how much worse my left ear is than my right? After the ENT put a drain in in Jan, the left was the same as the right, but the June test showed it going bad again. I have tried Flonase (no help), now I’m going to try Zyrtec D.