Another crowd-funded hearable. Clementine Wear

I think this is interesting. Many will scoff. That’s fine.

Main page:

Wins the National Science Foundation hearables challenge (who knew there was such a thing?):

NFS Hearables Challenge page:

The guy behind this (Mark Kaal) started up ExSilent a few years ago. He is an industry veteran. We have checked out the product, and it seems to work well and do what it says as far as helping to reduce background noise and provide directionality etc. Clementine Wear actually sponsored a piece on our site, and are offering discounts to buyers. This was published this morning:

I am of course looking forward to hearing your feedback on this product. It’s a very different approach, and one that is possibly ahead of its time… but should fit right into the burgeoning OTC market here in the US.

And an extra special discount to the starter of this topic? :money_mouth_face:

First question from me, if you’re across this stuff. How is directionality used in this, bearing in mind that the microphones are all on the device and not on your ears? The device can be pointing anywhere. And the line-1 one thing. Is that included? I’m unsure if it’s some kind of optional extra.

Line-1 is included in all the consumers related perks, only in the distributor packages is this optional.
That the device can point in any direction gives users the power to select those parts of their surrounding they want to focus their attention on. The app allows you to select different directional profiles and shows you how to point the device for the best results. So, it’s a strength, not a weakness.

Thanks Mark. I got the first of the discounted ones on an impulse buy. Worst case scenario for me is that it’s a very expensive bluetooth receiver with some equalising. I’m hoping for a lot more than that though. Very much looking forward to trying it out.