Another child with hearing loss

Let me give you a brief history. Josh, my grandson came to live with us in March of this year. He is 19 months old. My son is in the Marines and Josh’s mom never wanted us to have much to do with him until the day she called and said take him or she would put him in foster care. So he is here. Josh has had hearing problems since birth. He is profoundly deaf in his left ear and severly deaf in his right.
He was supposed to have hearing aids all along but never wore them. Once we took him in I had him refitted and we have been struggling ever since then.
Josh is a very active toddler and everything goes in the mouth with him. Including the hearing aids.
He really has difficulty wearing his left. I finally got them to test it and there is some type of problem. It is in being repaired. His right he will wear for a long time, up to 3 hours before he takes it out and won’t let you put it back. However if we use otoclips it is more like 10 minutes. we tried huggie bands and he snapped of the ear piece.
I have been researching and that is how I found this site. I want something more durable or easier for toddler issues. It seems like maybe a BAHA would work. So what type of questions do I need to ask about this? Should I just try and get him used to the hearing aids as is? This is all new to us and I am just not sure we are doing what is best. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The BAHA would probably not be a good option, as he most likely has sensorineural hearing loss (nerve deafness).

Thus, the options are most likely going to be just hearing aids or cochlear implants, both of which require something to stay on him.

With a young child, this can be very difficult, but most likely, it is just something he will have to use daily and try to extend the hours of use.

Also, maybe a new earmold on the left made out of a softer material may make it more comfortable. You may want to disucss this option with his audi.