Another beginner question

OK, so now I have my Rexton Revo+ RIC HAs and love them. However, I’m having a problem with the tube/wire as it does not seem to be very trainable. The tube does not follow the contour of my ear making it stick out, and in addition, it does not stay in the canal correctly. I’ve found myself walking around with the tip completely out of my ear on a couple occasions.

I may have a funny bend in my canal since I can insert the tip further and it sort of “pops” in, but then as soon as I remove pressure, it slides back out. Is there a trick to this?

I’ve tried training the tube to no gain. It just ends up back to the shape it started. Should I be using a hair dryer to heat it up and then train it?

I’m using the small tips instead of a dome or tulip, so they don’t stay in with friction.

you could do it that way, but i would be most certain the warranty
would be void, ask your audi to fix it for you- so if he screw up
he will have to be responsable for it…

if you decide to use the dryer,
use the lowest setting, hold it for 1 second maximum

take it out and blow it - that should do it…

Again i would ask who ever sold this aid to do this for you


I too have that problem and I wear Phonak Savia Art open fit. I also had it with a pair of Oticon Deltas that I demoed. I will be very interested to hear the answers to your question. I’ve already tried gently bending the tubes, but they kinked up. Luckily, I had backups handy.

I would like to try the suggested hair dryer method, but I’m not quite sure how to go about it. You must have to remove the tubes from the aid to avoid heating it too, but then how do you fit the tubes correctly if you’re just approximating how they would hang on your ears without the aid attached. Also, you must have to press the hot tube against your ear to get the correct shape and I wonder how that must feel. I was tempted to try to make some kind of mold of my outer ear so that I could bend the tube onto that, but hadn’t figured out what I could use. If I had the mold, then I could bend the tube as I was heating it on the mold and hopefully get a consistent shape each time I used it.


A custom ear tip can also often fix this issue. Ask you audi about this.