Announcing ReSound LiNX 3D: GN Pioneers a New Hearing Care Experience

Hi PVC, Many thanks for the help and assistance.

I will certainty start a new thread when i get the chance to programme the Linx 3D. I am hoping the visit to Costco on Sunday will shed some light on the subject.

Once again many thanks for your assistance.
Regards Ian

Is Costco offering the LiNX 3D? Some of the threads mentioned visit to Costco…

To the best of my knowledge, the most advanced Resound aid available from Costco is the Cala 8 which is similar to the Linx 2. When and if something based off of the LiNX 3D shows up is anybody’s guess. My guess is sometime this Fall, but who knows?

[IMG][/IMG] Originally Posted by Baywood [[IMG][/IMG]]( Is Costco offering the LiNX 3D? Some of the threads mentioned visit to Costco....

Hi MDB, I hope you are right on Costco offering LiNX 3D in/or before Fall 2017! I’m trialing CALA 8, pleased with performance, but hoping for the upgrade. Floyd

ok, I just got these for a demo yesterday, I’ll speak to my experience with them over the last 24 hours, and my thoughts on ReSound Assist.

First, holy crap, I think I’m in love. So far, these are the best hearing aids I’ve worn. Let me provide some history.

I started some years ago with the Oticon Duals. They were my first hearing aids. They were ok, I guess, but I kept having issues with them. The left one in particular would either stop working or operate at about 50%. A few years later moved to the Siemens Pure Micons and loved those. A few years after that, I’d met my deductible and my health insurance will pay for new aids so I upgraded to the Siemens Binax. We had a lot of trouble getting these fit. The Micons were easy right out of the box, but the Binaxes took a lot of adjustments and even then, I was half tempted to go back to the Micons but just stayed with them.

Now a few years later, I had a knee surgery earlier this year so I’ve met my deductible and am going to get new aids. I first demoed the Oticon Opns. Hated them. Feedback was terrible, music sounded like it was coming through a 50 year old transistor radio when I was listening in my $3,000 custom car system. Brought those back, just tried the new Signias. Hated them, too. Just sounded like shit. Trying to fit them at the demo session we even brought a Siemens rep on the phone to help. Just never sounded ok and after a few days I took them out.

Went back in yesterday, my audi had just that day received the Linx 3d units so we set those up. My wife is already commenting I’m hearing speech better, and just noticed last night that we had the tv volume about 10% lower than normal and I was hearing better than normal. Stopped at Whole Foods on the way home, it was busy. I usually struggle a bit to hear the conversation from the clerk at checkout, especially if a female. This time, no problem at all. Connectivity is great, music and podcasts from my iPhone sound the best of these 3 units, by far.

The app is really good, but I can’t find the ReSound Assist functionality. Have emailed their support and will call my audi on Monday. These are brand new to her, too. My guess is she has to enable something for that function to show up in the app. The app is great, by the way. The best of the bunch. I can adjust bass, mid and treble in each program. Feedback, control is excellent, too.

So in terms of usage, at this point I’ll be surprised if these aren’t my choice. I’m a day in and LOVING them.

From an audi’s perspective, I would think these would be a hit. My audi doesn’t charge me to come in and get program adjustments, those are free. Now I don’t have to take up time on her schedule. She can make adjustments when convenient, push them to the app and then I can accept or reject them. I don’t have to take the time to make an office visit, she doesn’t have to consume her schedule with a non-revenue producing appointment. Win win.

I think ReSound has a major hit on their hands, here.

^^^ I already mentioned in the other thread as well, but I think the reason the OPN and Signia sound tinny to you while streaming is simply because you have an open dome (which would be my guess based on your audiogram) and the bass and mids all but leak out of your open domes. I’ve heard from some people who wear closed domes or custom molds with no vent that they think the OPN has too much bass, because the bass don’t get to leak out like with your open domes. I wear closed domes with a tiny vent and I get good bass response on the OPN while streaming. Your audi should have known better and increased the bass response on the streaming program for you on those aids to compensate for the open domes and the sound should be much better for music for you. I’m guessing that the Resound already has the increase in bass while streaming to compensate for your open domes, unless for some reason they fit you with a closed dome on the Resound.

But that’s strictly in terms of streaming. If you like the Resound better when in non-streaming mode as well then that’s all good for you. But I think your negative comments on the other 2 aids have been mostly with respect to streaming from what I can tell.

Also in terms of bad feedback on the OPN, I’d also venture to guess that your audi never bothered to run the feedback program on the OPN for you. I have absolutely no feedback whatsoever on my OPN even if I press my hands directly on them. But my audi did run the feedback program on my OPN, and again I wear closed domes which also help with the feedback.

No, streaming actually had nothing to do with me hating the Opns and the Signias. If I loved the day to day experience but thought they streamed poorly, I’d overlook the streaming issue. That’s a small subset of my general use pattern. Speech recognition was just poor compared to these ReSounds. And on the Opns, when I said music sounded terrible, that wasn’t streaming, that was driving in the car listening to a very nice custom system.

the audi did run feedback on the Opns. Still unacceptable.

Your Audiologist will need to enable the function in Aventa and make sure they have the Resound sign-in sorted too.

thanks! I’ll email her and let her know.

I had a very long conversation with a well versed Resound professional about these aids and the benefits of “3D sound” over binaural and or spacial sense technology. I am now even more convinced that this is all one and the same, under differing descriptions, and that it is really only of major benefit to closed dome users.

The only real big change i can see from the Linnx2, is the ability to remote connect and adjust. A major change from current Resound technology and outwardly looks like a benefit to audiologists. I hear you all saying well recently they said they would not support online re sellers and now they are by allowing them to make remote adjustments and provide remote support. Maybe so maybe not. Online adjustment requires a connection to your aids via wifi, and both theirs and your system via the internet. That also means they now know exactly where your aids are, what serial numbers you have, type, etc etc.

Not an issue for me, but a sobering thought none the less.

Please be advised that 3Dsound is

Interesting. I can’t speak for the Resounds, but my have KS7s have beamforming and even though I have open domes and pretty decent hearing up to 2000hz, the directional mikes do make a difference.

I am currently on a 30 day trail of the Resound Lynx 3D hearing aid. My first impressions are they do what I need them to do. This is a new Audiologist who always seems to be in a hurry and does this as a side business. The hearing test was short not the in detail ones that I have experienced at Costco or Sams Club. Simple sound recognition with masking/tones. No printed out Audio gram. First mistake choosing the size 13 battery making the aid thicker/bigger interfering with my eyeglasses always pushing them up from behind my ears. Thought bigger battery =longer battery life. Audiologist ordered the smaller battery aides. Haven’t received yet. The blue tooth feature is convenient but at times annoying. If phone is in range will ring in your ears anytime even when not wanted. Church etc. Not sure worth the $5400 price tag compared to Costco prices. A separate remote would definitely be helpful instead having to fumble with phone entering passwords etc.
Any input on the Resounds available at Costco would be greatly appreciated.

Is this a switch from KS5s? What motivated the change to a new aid? Resounds currently available from Costco are the Cala 8s. They are similar to the previous generation of Resound’s Linx2. Costco now has 180 day trials.

is still ringing if we put phone on silent mode? or in airplane mode? is ringing for both call/message and notification or only for call ring?

Hello All
I did not own any hearing aids before this. I trialed as many of Costcos hearing aids as possible until shut off. If you do not believe they will shut you off you are mistaken. My last experience was with a Costco Audiologist who now no longer works with company. She insisted she knew what was best for me even while my telling her the issues. That is another story. I miss being a part of the Costco hearing aid family even thou still an Executive member until recently was denied access. You do not miss what you have til its gone.
Never tried airplane mode I simply shut phone off. Talking on phone is unique even thou you still need the phone for the microphone. A remote would be much more convenient. Last evening in a restaurant the noise level was unbearable even in restaurant mode, noise filter. The new app has endless modes. Then for a concert last evening in music mode they made my experience much more enjoyable.
The thicker hearing aid case due to my selection of the larger battery make wearing these with eye glasses annoying and at times unbearable. The $5400 price tag is also a stumbling block. I still find myself asking people what and huh? Another concert tonight will update. Hopefully this all helps.

Attended concert with music. Aids appear to have helped but had annoying back ground hiss. In music mode new app only has options for bass boost ant treble boost no noise suppression. Tried other programs such as Restaurant and All around made music sounded flat and in the background.

Picked up a demo pair of the Linx 3Ds yesterday for two weeks. My current aids are the Linx 2. We installed the Linx 2 receivers on the 3Ds for a fair comparison. There is a marginal but noticeable improvement in speech clarity with the 3Ds over the 2s in all modes. For me, even a little improvement in speech clarity is a big deal. The audiologist believes the improvement is due to the new circuitry in the 3Ds.

The new app has also undergone significant changes. It has an entirely different look. There are three adjustable frequency bands—Bass, Middle, and Treble, available in each mode. Adjusting the frequency allows you to increase a particular sound that is too soft or decrease a noise that is too loud without affecting the volume of the other frequencies. The four modes are All-Around, Restaurant, Music, and Outdoor which replaces the Traffic mode from the old app. You can also make adjustments to wind noise.

My audi is not up to speed with the remote adjustments so I will leave the evaluation of that feature to others. After the two week demo I will then demo the new Widex aids for comparison. My Audi did say that Widex is having some connectivity issues, but didn’t give any specifics. I will post more information after I have put these aids through their paces.

One other observation: The 3D case and battery door is stronger that the 2s. I have had to replace the 2s cases twice in the year and a half that I have owned them.

Hi Stratuscom, Thanks for posting you experiences, I am considering the same. Questions:

  1. Were you wearing LiNX 2 level 9, what receivers? …I have Cala8 with 3 HP receivers.
  2. Are you trying the 3 D level 9? What domes are you using?

Those are just the default program. Each of the four slots can have All-Around, Restaurant, Outdoor, Music, Acoustic Phone, Telecoil+Mic, TelecoilLoop+Mic, and REM Test. I actually Nixed the Music setting (not too useful in my opinion) for a second All-Around that I can use to tweak the feedback and tinnitus generator params on.

The app also lets you adjust the focus and noise suppression in the Restaurant mode which is very useful to me.

My Audi doesn’t have the Remote capability either. She says she would if I wanted it (I’m by far the most knowledgeable customer as far as the technology goes). I just punted and bought myself an Airlink2 off eBay and have been playing with the settings on my own.

Could someone help me? I hope I’m in the right place. Six weeks ago I got a Resound 3D Linx. I like the fit and style, but the sound level keeps going up and down. It will go up so much I get a headache and than down so much I can’t hear the TV. My audiologist has been adjusting it and it seems to be a bit better but I now have trouble understanding the TV. I have the 3D app which keeps crashing but will sometimes open again and be “normal”. If I am not happy with the adjustments on Monday, he will fit me for another one. Has anyone had these problems? Shouldn’t the sound volume go up and stay up when you are in a particular place? I had a widex for 13 years and this is my first new technology. What should I be getting use to? Any advice would be so helpful. Thanks.