Android users, tell me about your experience



Did the StreamerPro also act as a remote for volume and program adjustments?


I have a Samsung A3 phone and this year I am using Oticon OPN 1 hearing aids and I was using Resound Live 9D hearing aids.

I found with the Resound Hearing Aids, frequently only one would connect and I had to close the Resound App and re-open it and then I would get both to connect. I also found (not that it was a problem) that certain parts of the house the Resound would lose the signal from the TV but this is more because the power for bluetooth is much weaker on the Resound than the Oticon.

Using the Oticon aids, they connect perfectly every time flawlessly, changing the settings etc works without issue. Works in all parts of the house.

With TV streaming, I find the audio quality of both to be excellent (although obviously this has nothing to do with my android phone). However, I do find the bass and sense of volume far better in the Resound for watching tv than I do with the Oticons.I can hear certain sounds better. However this is more an issue with the current configuration of my aids.

I don’t use my phone for anything else besides changing to programs or changing volume obviously.

I am looking into getting a supertooth buddy for having access to the phone in the car. I am amazed how many times people phone me when I am in the car! I might consider the Oticon connect Clip as I see that I can use this to stream music from laptop and presumably can connect this to my Gigaset Dx800a phone.

I have never been brilliant on phones and I have had a lot more issues using phones with the Oticon than I ever did with any of my previous resounds. if the Connect Clip works the same way as the Oticon TV receiver in that when I am on the phone, I can block out noise around me, this would be brilliant.

Anyway in answer to the question, I have no issues with using my Android phone to connect to my aids to change volume/programs on my Oticon. The Resound aids have never been that great, but I think the Resound Aids are faulty.


I have Phonak V90 RIC 312T’s with a ComPilot II and since August Resound Linx 3D TS61 miniRICs with a Phone Clip Plus and a number of android phones (S5, S7 and now a Note 9). I used the CP II to control volume as the HA’s were set to control programs as the Phonaks could not do both. The 3D’s allow both volume and programs to be controlled by the button on the HA so I don’t need the PC+ to do that. For both I do not use the dongles to routinely listen to music or to make phone calls. Due to the small receiver (speaker) size I have not found music to be that great and prefer headphones (I had the telecoil turned off in the Phonaks so non-ceramic headphones did not trigger the emphasis on speech frequencies). I did not remember about the Samsug UHQ upscaler. I will have to try that, although for the moment it is grayed out, but the bigger problem is the loss of bass. I did/do use both dongles for conference calls as these can be difficult for me to hear well. For moist calls just using the HA’s and the phone handset without the dongle works well enough. I do not use the PC+ constantly as they frequently play an annoying bur-bur- bur- rip sound in each ear followed by a single ding that I have not been able to eliminate so I just leave the PC+ off until I need it. I also find the PC+ clip battery level annoying. Almost all other devices blink red or are steady red while charging and turn solid green when charged. The PC+ just blinks longer greens and a shorter red. It is difficult to know when it is adequately charged. I also prefer the CP2 neck strap. The PC+ one does not seem secure. Teh Resound 3D app is OK, except it should be named Resound, not just 3D. And it should show the battery levels.


I guess the ReSound Smart 3D app only shows battery level with the Quattro rechargeables? I can see my Quattro battery levels in the app and as long as I remember the app is showing a charging range with each of the 5 LED’s lit in succession and not a charging level charged past, e.g. 2 of 5 LED’s lit means charged to somewhere in the range of 20% to 40% and not charged past 40%, it’s easy to keep track of charge with the Smart 3D app for the Quattro’s.

I completely agree with the LED indicators for the ReSound Phone Clip + and the Multi-Mic. Other than charging every day to 100% (which reduces the long-term lifespan of the Li-ion battery), there is no way to tell where you are between almost out and fully charged. That’s terrible for such a relatively expensive device. You can buy an Android phone for the cost of a ReSound accessory!


Like to throw an additional factor every Android user should report along with their HA streaming experience:


I have a Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier. It’s a great smartwatch and all the people that I’ve bumped into who wear either the S3 Classic or the S3 Frontier love it. BUT, there is the following problem. Although you can pair a Bluetooth “master” device to quite a few different peripherals, isn’t there a decided limit as to how many peripherals can be active at any one time?

What I find running Android Oreo on my Galaxy Note 8 is that if my Gear watch is paired with my phone, my HA connection to the Phone Clip+ tends to get lost. If I turn off BT pairing to the watch, then the Phone Clip+ connection is rock-solid. I think my Galaxy Note 8 is also involved in another Bluetooth connection directly to my HA’s to control volume, program setting plus program parameters, etc., separately through the Smart 3D app as these are all available thru the phone when the PC+ is turned off. So the phone is probably using two BT connections with HA’s and PC+ combined and a third to the Gear S3 watch tends to upset the apple cart (or the advantage of MFI if you have an iPhone and Apple Watch!).

The other thing that I’ve noticed in connecting is sometimes the phone is very lazy about picking up the PC+ connection. If I press and hold the BT icon in the Android pull-down, I’m taken to my BT devices and tapping on “Hearing Aid Phone” will make manually a connection. Once done, I’ll be good for a long streaming section, no interruptions. But then if you look at the setting gear for Hearing Aid Phone, there are two types of connections, one for media streaming, the other for phone calls. Maybe because I stream much more than I call, when my Hearing Aid Phone is connected (the PC+), more often than not, the Media connection is on but the phone connection is not (Google or Samsung AI such as comes along in spades in Android Pie at work here???). Last night to make and receive phone calls, I had to go into my BT settings and in the gear settings for Hearing Aid Phone, I had to manually turn on my phone connection.

Resound Phone Clip+ Sound Cuts out after 30seconds on Android

That’s a very good question!! While I’m sure I can use the StreamerPro necklace to increase/decrease volume, I don’t know if it can be used for changing programs. I’d have to check the manual.


That’s a good point. I have the Galaxy S3 Classic, and yes, I love it. I find that getting notifications through my hearing aids is quite annoying. So I have the media option turned off for my streamer, and get all notifications via the watch. If I want to listen to music, I simply turn the media option back on.

I’ve updated my original post to include that question. Thanks.


In thinking more about my Gear S3 smartwatch, when BT is turned on, it’s set up to field phone calls. I can answer or reject or even place phone calls from the watch. Also, media streaming can be controlled from my watch. I never use the Pause/Play feature but it becomes active on my watch and shows me how far I am into a podcast, etc.

So don’t know if Android smartwatches work this way but basically my watch is trying to engage in the same sorts of functions that the Phone Clip+ does. I will have to dig into the Gear app settings or the watch OS settings and see if there is an easy way to turn on or off whether the watch acts as a phone extension or media controller without affecting other functions of the watch/phone interaction-and perhaps allowing me to keep BT for the watch on when I am streaming or using the PC+ for phone calls.

As others have reported whenever I get a notification on my phone, it briefly interrupts streaming to the PC+ but I don’t want to turn off alerts from things such as my Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Can’t remember what’s reported in threads here on this but I wonder if just turning off notification SOUNDS would prevent such interruptions. Will search here and also try it to see how just turning off notification sounds works on streaming interruptions.


How is the battery life on your ConnectClip? I charged my EasyTek every night, and in 3 years I never once ran the battery down. I spend 2-3 hours on the phone every day, and occasionally will stream music for an hour or two. With the right solution, I might stream music more.


My usage is too light to really be able to get a handle on it. Sorry. I got mine as a freebie with the aids. I wouldn’t use it enough to justify buying it. For phone calls that I really need to understand though, it’s great.


I am a 27 year hearing aid user with experience with various Phonak aids but am now using Widex 440 Beyond hearing aids. I use the Dexcom which is hung around my neck that blue tooths to my android phone. The sound quality is very good which you would expect from Widex and it its in both ears. I believe the Dexcom has an 8 hour stand by battery life before needing to be recharged. I have never had it run out as I use it only during the few phone calls I get or make every day. The hearing aids come with a very useful phone app that helps you adjust your hearing aids that may also be adjusted somewhat from the buttons on the aids themselves. You can answer the phone by a button on the Dexcom or button on your phone. Hanging up is the same.

I changed to Widex because of the natural sound. Phonak were OK but one of my Compilots bit the dust.