Android upgrades


Do any of the readers know how (mainly who) will perform the upgrade to a S8 phone when it becomes available (I am very interested in the Android P upgrade). My phone is with a low cost provider which uses the ATT network. Does the upgrade come from Samsung or do I need to depend on my low cost provider? Another thought is that it come from the ATT network because of the affiliation.


The S8 is scheduled to get P, probably the last update. It is done by Samsung and will probably get out toward the end of the year. The S9 is first in line. These updates are done by Samsung, but need to be approved and released by the carrier. I assume your carrier will follow ATT.

One advantage of Google Pixel is quick updates and no carrier bloatware. I think Android P, even from Samsung, will cut out some of that bloatware. Google is moving toward promoting faster and consistent upgrades with Project Treble. I think Samsung is signing on to that.

If you want to keep phones longer than 3 years, your best bet is Lineage OS, but it is not for the non geeky crowd. I am currently running Android P Beta on a second Pixel phone. I cannot tell who will deliver your upgrade, but I suspect your carrier will follow ATT.


It also requires the right hardware. Good chance the premium Samsung product have that but not guaranteed. You’d need to know if the chip they used will be BTLe capable.


The S8 was the first Galaxy to get Bluetooth 5.0. That does not mean it will do audio direct to the HA, but it will be low energy.


I’ve checked. The S8 uses the Snapdragon processor, which is compatible with Bluetooth 5. I guess my biggest question was whether my upgrade would be pushed out by Samsung or by my low cost provider, albeit on the ATT network.


I was a cellphone tech for near 20 years. Firmware updates come via the carrier who is supplied from the phone manufacturer. Most manufacturers modify Android, as do the carriers, so both want to add their footprints first, thus the very long delays, if ever they come.

That is why I have chosen to use Google phones for the last 7 years. With monthly security, bug fix and enhancement updates, and much longer EOL times.


The biggest delay is going to be hearing aid manufacturers coming out with new models to take advantage of this.


Are not hearing aids capable of being upgraded by software? If the Android fix was anything like MFi, it seems they wouldn’t need an entirely new model.


There will be some new programming involved. They could do it as a firmware update for existing models, for which they would not get any revenue, or, they could do it as a new model. Hmm. Which will they choose?


You are probably right. How much time difference was there between the introduction of the KS7s and KS8s?


Just guessing, 2.5 - 3 years?


If it’s anything like Australia… It doesn’t matter which network you use so much as where your phone comes from. If it is a network-unlocked phone that you bought retail, updates comes from Samsung (although they may use one of the phone networks to do it on their behalf). If it comes from one of the networks and it’s been customised by them, the update comes from them.

As for the whole Bluetooth 5/ Android hearing aid support thing, well it’s a mess. I don’t think anyone here knows enough to comment. Personally I doubt that Android P is going to deliver what many people seem to be expecting- that you can throw away your iphone and use your Android with your current mfi aids in exactly the same way.

And seriously would it kill Google to put out a bit of a roadmap? I mean they give themselves a pat on the back with each little accessibility feature that comes out. Why not (shock, horror) actually talk to us. Like right here?


It was about 18 months