Android Sound Notifications Can Help Those with Hearing Loss (Apple is Sound Recognition)

Blog post on Paul Thurrott’s website. Thurrott presumably took notice because his now college age son has had profound hearing loss from a very young age.

Link to Google accessibility support on how to get and use Sound Notifications on your Android device.

Perhaps Google is just matching Apple’s Sound Recognition feature?

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That’s interesting (I actually have a sound level meter that I use in some cases). I don’t have the latest phone, so it only lets me select Baby Crying or Doorbell notifications. I’ll try the Doorbell one. I’m guessing the battery drain from continual microphone usage could be a problem. This could be a helpful device outside of the phone ecosphere … just a device that detects loud or specific sounds and vibrates or something. I wonder if such a product exists.

Has anyone had success with thus? I downloaded “Live Transcribe” but saw/see nothing about sound alerts, I have slept through a fire alarm so it could be helpful for me.


I remember when his son had the CI surgery, that has been a number of years ago, it about the time I was really finding out about my hearing loss.

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There’s bunch of aids for hard of hearing or deaf people. Pricey though. I saw some solutions where each device is a few hundreds of euros. But could come with pager, lights, vibrations, also for bed and whatnot. It’s a system.

Cheap solution for only overcoming a distance is a baby monitor. I recently bought some motorola which is plugged into the wall directly, so no batteries, because my doorbell is so quiet and far away from my kitchen that I don’t hear it. Another device is in the kitchen. Works like a charm.