Android phone as hearing aid (new functionality in Android P)


I’ve been looking for information on forthcoming Android support for hearing aids. I haven’t found anything yet, but I did find this. YouTube. From about 5 minutes.



I installed Android “P” last night on my Pixel 2 XL phone. I don’t see anything new in ACCESSIBILITY settings. This is just the first version of P and is only available on a Pixel or Nexus 6. It may not have all the additions of a final version for general Android release. If I find any other hearing aid options will post. There are certainly a number of interesting new features not related to hearing, though.

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I’ve got a Pixel 2 android phone and I have the Google sound amplifier app. I downloaded it from the Google Play store. It resides under settings>accessibility>audio & on-screen text. It works fairly well but, probably not as well as my KS8s that were programmed to my needs. It does require a wired headphone; won’t work with Bluetooth headphones. From the menu (pulls down from notifications) you can adjust the boost, fine tuning, mic volume and reduce unwanted sound. It’s totally free and is a great backup when I forget my hearing aids. I think this will be a tremendous tool for those who don’t have hearing aids, although I think wearing headphone when holding a conversation is a social barrier.



I’m running Android 9 Pie