Android P for Blue Tooth


I understand that for true “made for Android” hearing aids, that you need Android P on your phone. I have the original Google Pixel with updates to Android 9 which is supposed to be Android P or Android Pie. Will hearing aids “made for Android” work with my original Pixel bluetooth, or will I have to get a later model. of phone… Originally, I heard that only Pixel 3 and higher would have the Android P but my original Pixel was upgraded by Google. I am holding off buying any aids until the market is more populated for “made for Android”. Right now I see only the Quattro Lynx as being true “made for Android.”




It’s Android Q, not Android P, that now looks like it will have MFA. All Pixels are upgradable to the beta version, at least, of Android Q, now still in development for release later this year. But until ReSound upgrades the firmware of your HA’s, if you have a model that qualifies for Google’s ASHA protocol, you won’t be able to use MFA. So it might be best to wait until the dust settles when Google’s next version of Android is officially released. Just summarizing what other’s have reported in other threads here.



I agree with Jim’s response. However, if you’re just looking for a hearing aid that will stream to Android, Phonak’s Marvel qualifies although it is not “Made for Android.” The Marvel should work with your current phone.

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If you’re looking for the android equivalent to “Made For iphone”, it will be part of the next android release, AFAIK. It will be based on BLE. (Here is a link: Hearing Aid Audio Support Using Bluetooth LE.) However, it will have to be supported by the HA. It may require a firmware update or it may require a completely new device. I read a press release by Resound, which said it would be a firmware update, so hopefully that bodes well for other HAs.

What @MDB is referring to is based on Bluetooth Classic (using the A2DP and HFP profiles). I have both android and apple mobile phones. IMO, the MFi / BLE implementation is much better than the Bluetooth Classic implementation.