Android/Bluetooth Question


There are no Bluetooth 5 audio streaming products because there is no Bluetooth 5 audio standard.


That view is incomplete. There is a standard but for transmission only. It is agnostic on what is sent. It doesn’t define the drivers that turn data into music, voice, whatever. The original BT4 LE standard was for a narrow band channel to carry data only. The BT5 LE is an adjustable standard allowing more bandwidth or less with less able to transmit farther for IoT.

You will see high end phone and TV transmitters appearing with such capability first. The BTLe transmitter will probably be double or triple the price of a BT transmitter but substantially less than one for HA only.


I think that the statement “there is no Bluetooth 5 audio standard” is valid. Maybe I should have added “as of yet”. What we’re waiting for is the Bluetooth 5 equivalent of Classic Bluetooth’s A2DP. They’re still working on it.


Bluetooth 5 is available in some high end smart phones but not in devices or hearing aids yet. I will try to make sure, when I buy my next phone, that it has Bluetooth 5 ability so that I will be ready when it comes to HAs. I don’t think that is going to be very soon.


I have heard that the current version of Android being tested has a hearing aid feature. When it is out, you’ll also need to verify that the feature is enabled on that phone model.


Don’t Know about Android but with Apple at least software features could easily be added by Apple with iOS upgrades. But they also have a lot of that built in already anyway. Do Android users upgrade their software or are they stuck with the version that came with the phone? I’ve heard that not all versions run on just any Android phone.


Android users have a limited opportunity to upgrade. Higher end phones tend to be allowed more upgrades, but I think most lower end phones usually get one upgrade, say from Android 6 to 7, but nothing is guaranteed and Android is not standardized.


There are numerous ways of transferring TV audio via Bluetooth to headphones. I don’t do it very often because I find listening with just my HA to work perfectly well. My wife w. perfectly good hearing wears headphones when watching the Walking Dead because she likes to really crank up the volume. We mainly use headphones on planes.
Some TV’s have BT ability builtin. Ours required attachment of a $25 BT transmitter.