Android/Bluetooth Question


I currently have Costco KS5s and am looking for new aids that have Bluetooth capability that will connect directly to my Sony TV. I tried a set of Bose Hearphones which connected directly to the TV and also worked with my Android phone but I returned them as they were uncomfortable and Bose was unresponsive to my questions. The Sony TV is Android based and I have an Android phone. I’m not so much interested in a phone connection as I am the TV. What are my options for this?


W Weldin


Phonak is the only dispensed brand that uses standard bluetooth (only one model at that). They have an intermediate device that connects to the tv and streams stereo to the HA’s.
I don’t know about direct. It doesn’t do stereo to an Android phone if that’s an indication.


You are going to need a BT accessory that acts as an intermediate device between BT and aids. Costco may be able to sell you the accessory but the best price will be used from ebay. With that it works quite well. Set the TV to stereo rather than surround for the best speech results.


Can you ask the Costco aid dispenser? It seems that streaming to an Android TV is a critical component for your enjoying and being able to use these Kirkland aids.

I’m wearing Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids and indeed, there is a small 1.5 inch square box that I have to hook up to my TV or laptop to stream in stereo to my aids. Phone streaming to my Android Samsung cell phone is analog, going to the LEFT ear only.

It ain’t a perfect world, but it sure beats NO streaming!!!


Option 1.
An aid that has a compatible tv streamer available. Should be pretty much guaranteed to work with no discernable latency.

Option 2.
An aid that has a compatible intermediate device available. You may also (depending on your tv) need a plain vanilla bluetooth streamer to plug into the tv and pair with your intermediate device. You may (or may not) get latency that kills the experience for you. Didn’t work for me. Others here have no complaints.

Latency is the gap between the visuals and the audio. A little latency if you’re watching on your own with external sound turned off may be acceptable. Latency if you’re watching with others (tv speaker turned on) may not.

Edit: The fact that your tv and your phone are both Android shouldn’t make any difference. Not that I can see anyway.


I have KS5s and I use an Avantree 164ft LONG RANGE Bluetooth Transmitter aptX Low Latency, with Digital Optical connection to the TV, together with an (Upgrade Version) Avantree aptX Low Latency Bluetooth Headphone Adapter with Clip, plugged into my favorite pair of cushioned headphones. Works very smoothly with no perceptible loss of lip sync.

Should work with your TV and KS5s too.


We’ve been down this road before. Op is

The key word is ‘directly’. You’re suggesting a low-latency bluetooth connection from tv to headphones, with hearing aids inside the headphones. That’s not the same thing.


I am using low energy bluetooth to stream from iPhone directly to my hearing aids. I note that digital blue tooth is a “100%” improvement (digital source directly to hearing aid) rather than analog source (speakers) to hearing aid microphones and from the HA mics to the HA receiver. /// I use a streamer from TV digital optical audio output to the iPhone - then from the mfg’s app on the iPhone to the hearing aids. It allows me 30 or 40 ft radius from the streaming source. /// Also, I use the same iPhone using low energy bluetooth for listening to audio-books which I really enjoy (3 or 4 books a week). I hope this helps explain possible set-up.


That’s great to share your experiences and what works…but the OP makes no mention of iphone as he has Android all around. We might be curious about any lag in your tv solution if you’re watching with able-hearing others though.

Are there any mfi tv’s? Probably would still need to go to the iphone therefore the iphone would be acting as an intermediate device anyway.

For what’s available now, my bet would be the one Phonak (or sister Unitron) pairing to the Android tv in mono. If that works then that’s something…just not stereo.

Hey @1Bluejay welcome back. I’ve missed your cheery upbeat tone around here. Maybe you would be interested in going to a store selling Android tv’s and see if you can pair to it. As a pre-buy test of course. Then walk out saying you’ll think about it.


^^^^ LOL!! How much d’you want to PAY me for this little Android TV reconnaissance? :sunglasses:

Sadly, hubs is totally fine with our current TV setup, and HE, not wearing aids has no incentive to go Android.

However, I DO travel with my little TV streaming device and the right cable connectors so I can stream TV any time, any place. The device can easily be unplugged and moved to my laptop, too, which makes it even more useful. My Phonak Audeo B’s stream in stereo with the TV unit - which is G R E A T !!


I was referring to a variance on your “Option 2” wherein you yourself suggested to Weldin what I am suggesting except you said it didn’t work for you because of latency. You said:

[quote=“d_Wooluf, post:7, topic:35419”]“You may (or may not) get latency that kills the experience for you. Didn’t work for me. Others here have no complaints.…Latency is the gap between the visuals and the audio. A little latency if you’re watching on your own with external sound turned off may be acceptable. Latency if you’re watching with others (tv speaker turned on) may not.”

In turn, I provided to Weldin a version of your “Option 2” which does work without latency and even with the TV’s speaker’s on for others in the room.


PS - In addition, I was suggesting a solution to Weldin which uses soft, cushioned headphones of his choice, something he apparently has not yet tried. “Bose Hearphones” are not headphones. They are $500 earbuds which are meant to occupy the same space that hearing aids occupy, so of course they were uncomfortable being pressed on top of Weldin’s hearing aids. See:


Weldin, here is an article which I found very useful in explaining and illustrating which types of headphones do and do not work well with different types of hearing aids:


And you don’t have to buy “Beats” as there are plenty of comfortably cushioned, favorably reviewed circumaural headphones available at very reasonable prices, which can be adapted to low latency bluetooth reception with the Avantee clip I am using as mentioned above:


Well…I wasn’t saying go BUY one…just test. And hey…it’s for the team. You’re the one we know of here with the Direct’s.


I think there’s little chance any Bluettooth TV (and there aren’t a lot of them–usually high end) would stream directly to Phonak Direct since I think the only thing that streams directly to the aids is a smart phone.

On a tangential note, Bluetooth 5 adoption seems very slow. I think I’ve seen one wireless earbud that uses it and they were from a startup. Only high end phones seem to be getting it for now.


I always think these things are worth a shot…just to see and verify. I gather there are different “programs” in bluetooth like A2dp, Aptx whatever the initials are. I don’t know which one of them the HA’s need from the transmitter though (phone, tv, intermediate device etc). If standards are being used then I should think things should work (famous last words).

So like walk into store, ask about pairing from a bluetooth capable tv to “something”, start pairing mode on tv, open battery doors, close battery doors…see what happens. See if the tv sees the HA’s. If so then try to hear something from the tv. If no sound or connection then oh well. Either way walk out saying you gotta think about it.
That’s the scenario I imagine.


Let me clarify things. When I tried the Bose Hearphones they connected directly to my TV via Bluetooth. No intermediate devices. Are there any hearing aids that connect directly via Bluetooth. no streamers, etc.?


To the best of my knowledge, no. There is a hearing aid like device (PSAP) by Sound World Solutions that I believe can.


This is why I’d like 1bluejay to test it out just to see if it’s at all possible. We don’t really know for sure. It’s not likely to work… but there’s a slim maybe.
However many of the Phonak Directs are out in the wild…only one owner that I know of participates here. Oh wait… @afiggy apparently does too. Oh afiggy??
Oh hey look @x475aws too! How about you too x475aws? Any one of y’all :slight_smile:
Yes there are the non-dispensed hearing assistance devices that might also be able to do this. @member6 has the product MDB mentioned. Maybe he could also test out this idea.


I wear KS5s and have been using the Resound Multi Mic. (bought thru Costco, ~$270) with great success. My word recognition score was in the teens at the audiologist and with sound from TV speaker and better than 90% when streamed directly to the KS5s. The Multi Mic has a standard analog stereo audio socket as well a microphone to use in restaurants and several other wireless sources FM, etc. I drive TV sound directly from a Sony stereo amplifier with the standard analog audio jack.