Android 10 Q is available in Beta today for all Pixel phones


The latest Android OS version 10 “Q” is today available on all Pixel phones, all versions including the original. You can sign up at the link below. Pixel phones only as of now.



Do they have the MFA settings showing yet?



Android Police site has a list of features added to as discovered. Just perusing the list, I didn’t see MFA showing up. Still hoping it gets added to Android Pie (v9) as an update, e.g. v9.1, as my Note 8 probably ain’t gonna get the Q version :woozy_face:



I don’t see anything new in the Accessibility settings. This is only the 1st Beta release of at least 6 before the final public Q. Hope there will be more HA compatibility in the later ones. 3rd quarter before we know for sure. In looking at the coding the entry about Pixel default “OFF” is still there concerning the HA connection. This first showed up in V9 Pie.
Doesn’t look like the Note 8 will get Q, at least at this point. One of the big advantages to a Pixel is the assurance of updates on the first day. Used to be a Note user but after using Pixel’s would never go back. if we ever do get HA connection in whatever form I hope it is also included in the Chrome OS on my Pixelbook. In the meantime I have been really pleased with the Aftershokz Trekz - Bone Conduction bluetooth headphones.
The work with or without my Aids and have superior sound from television and Android car Radio/Navigation unit. Also work with phone. Cheap compared to hearing specific devices. Too bad retail stores like BestBuy won’t let you try them to see how they work. But at $100 - or less on eBay it’s not too big of a gamble.

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I just read this.I do not normally install the first beta (DP1) but this piques my curiosity now!

edit - Reading again more carefully, one needs to enable the feature in the System Feature Flags setting in Developer options. That is explained in the section above this Accessibility section.

  • settings_bluetooth_hearing_aid: Enables you to pair a Bluetooth hearing aid.
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When i downloaded the Beta version of Q it did not have the accessibility option for hearing aids. I checked for updates a few hours later and it updated the beta and now contains the option described above. So if you have a Pixel phone and download the beta check for updates to make sure you have the latest version.

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I have a Pixel 2 XL, but as a long time beta (and occasional alpha) tester for many in years past, I’m reluctant now to jump on the first beta release. Also the current aids I have Costco ReSound Forte 8 (same as LINX 3D) will not pair anyway, so I’ll let the Q DP releases progress a bit. I see no need to buy new HAs now for 2.5 to 3 years when my current warranty expires. Though I must say, I am sorely tempted. :smiling_imp:



Just ordered a Pixel 3XL. They are $200 off now.



This is interesting. Might be a reason to root my phone so I can update it. My phone is stuck on 8.1. Also, it might be that the HA must support the “made for android” bluetooth profile, similar to the way “made for iphone” works.



Anyone with additional experience streaming directly from a pixel phone/Android Q directly to a MFI HA (such as Oticon OPN)? If so, what about the new Pixel 3A?