Android 10 has a terrible bug that can’t be fixed

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Sky is falling article…minor features which are an issue on my Pixel 3XL but it’ll get worked out in the next release, I hope…

Haha, yep. A little over the top… but just thought people might want to know since a bunch of people on this forum are eager to upgrade their pixels… might be worth waiting a tiny bit longer.

Among the serious Android geeks and developers, BGR is know as the worst of the tabloid type publications. Think National Enquirer or worse. :roll_eyes:

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Good to know. I’m an Android user myself, and I’ve even flashed custom ROMs… but don’t follow the news obsessively.

There may be some value in having a Samsung phone and weathering the delays before getting a new release.

My thanks to Pixel owners for being the guinea pigs.


BGR also decidedly seems to be Apple fanboys, too - I used to avidly read their site every day for years. The hilarious thing about the article is that it seems to be nothing they themselves have investigated personally but rather just stuff they gleaned from reading someone else’s online posts!

Edit_Update: A Life Hacker article on the same Android 10 sensor problem seems to do a better job of putting things in perspective. Says the glitch is pretty rare but recommends the best thing to do is to wait to update to Android 10 until Google fixes the problem:


There are some odd things, as there always are with version x.0 releases. Since my iPhone is my EDC thanks to HAs, My P2XL is test phone (was hoping for ASHA for the last year, but ain’t gonna happen). There are two builds for the Pixel 2 XL, QP1A.190711.019 and QP1A.190711.020, but no info on the two.

Most people think one is for Google unlocked phones and the other for carrier specific phones, but no documentation yet. Reports I saw most were most getting the .020 version, so I was downloading that from the Android Factory Image repository to fastboot flash with the Android Debug Bridge program.
While downloading, the toast about the OTA update popped up on my Pixel, so I just accepted that (I usually ADB sideload all the monthly security updates).

When it finished, I found I had version ending in .019. My guess is because this phone has no SIM card now that I got that one instead of 0.20. Who knows? I’ll just watch the circus and wait for iOS 13 with the wonderful system wide Dark Mode for my iThing. :wink: