analog to digital opn 2

Hello, I’m from Spain, my English is bad, I use a google translator

Well, I am 29 years old and I have been wearing headphones since I was little, maybe with 4 or 5 years old, I do not remember well, the case that I have new headphones from oticon opn2 and I also have noalink wirlees and genie 2 2019.

I am adapting my headphones little by little, but I cannot understand well, very sharp, annoying sounds.

with the analogues I hear louder clearer, they are ergo p model

What do you recommend configuring with genie 2? There are several things I’m testing, mpo levels, strong, moderate and smooth soundtracks.

I have all the supports turned off, including the opensound, I have it in onmdirencional piana effect

if you need photos I can put them

Headphones I assume you mean hearing aids?

I hope someone comes along with a helpful answer for you.

Have you tried different fitting formulas? That’s what I did.

if I have tried different formulas.

there are times when I don’t listen to the bass clearly in music, I like to listen to all kinds of music but more techno

I am free to adapt my hearing aids.

The google traslate is bad hahahhaa

Will you share your audiogram? That might help us help you.
Once we know your audiogram we need to know what ear molds or domes you have.
Once the aids acoustics are right then the aids can be properly tuned for you.

Forgot to mention…Welcome to the forum.

hello, I don’t have the original audiogram, but in the hearing aid if I get it, I even made my own audiogram with the hearing aids

I also share my settings

I forgot to mention, the hearing aid is full shell

Thanks for adding your audiogram and full mold information.
Do you have feedback issues?
How long have you had your Oticon OPN2 aids? It takes time to acclimate to new sounds.
Are you using Speech Rescue?
Could you show your CR’s?
A member who comes to mind who is really good with Oticon is @Volusiano. Maybe he/she could help with this thread.

You said you have all the supports turned off, including the opensound. I assume that you mean you don’t enable the OpenSound Navigator feature, is that right?

If so, why did you turn that off? That is the heart of the OPN. It’s the engine that drives the noise reduction feature for better speech understanding.

I would suggest you install 2 programs on your OPN. The default program should have the OpenSound Navigator turned on, with the Noise Reduction settings to max values. The second program can be the built-in Music program. This program will have most of the processing turned off and should sound the most like an analog hearing aid. From this setup you can compare to see how the 2 programs are different and adjust accordingly.

Your audiogram suggests that you really should also turn on Speech Rescue using the lowest configuration 2.4 in your default program. This will give you frequency lowering at the lowest destination frequency range and may help you hear high frequencies better and may also help improve speech understanding. However, it looks like your hearing loss at around 2KHz is actually at the bottom worst, so there’s a good chance Speech Rescue may not be effective enough for you. But it’s worth a try anyway.

To help get rid of sharp, annoying sounds, you can try to enable the Transient Noise Management feature to High in the default program from the Automatics window settings.

In the Fine Tuning section, there is a Sound Controls window where you can set the Soft Sound Perception to Detail value to help you notice soft sounds better.

Hope you have better luck.

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Hello! I understand that without help it would be a more natural sound.

in my old hearing aids I don’t have supposedly activated aids and I hear much louder and clearer.

With OPN2 I take like 1 month or 2 with trial and error. I have to swallow them because they are already paid. So I don’t give up.

If you need photos of whatever it is, ask for it.

@volusiano tell me to activate the opensound navigator, only in the default program with which I am going to make life and then make me a MUSIC program? the music program must also have the opensound navigator activated?

I will try, say that I use headphones for music, and I remember that the music I listen to the most is techno, although I also listen to other types of genres.

I also have sound equipment at home and today I prefer my old ERGO de oticon for its clarity and because it is louder.

I provide data on the CR

Can you explain what function the compression ratio has?

My understanding of CR’s is more or less linear. The closer to 1 the CR is the closer your aids are to linear, or analog. The further away from 1 the more distortion.

The OpenSound Navigator basically provides the proprietary noise reduction feature that is the flagship of the OPN product. The built-in Music program has the Noise Reduction feature in the OpenSound Navigator turned off. The Default General VAC+ program automatically has the OpenSound Navigator Noise Reduction feature enabled.

Like I said, you don’t have to choose between one or the other, just add both programs and use the Music program to simulate the analog function and the General VAC+ program if you’re in a situation where you need help with better speech understanding. You can even have the Music program as your default program and the VAC+ as your second program so it would always start with the Music program if you want.

Below is a chart explaining Wide Dynamic Compression Ratio. You can google it more to read up more on it. In a nut shell, depending on your hearing loss at different frequencies, the appropriate compression is applied at various frequencies to smartly amplify more at frequencies where your loss is greater and amplify less where your hearing loss is less.

I would not want to call compression (or non-linear amplification) distortion, because that gives compression a bad connotation, while in reality smart and automatic compression when applied correctly based on the hearing loss at various frequencies is a very good thing.

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have to be 1.0 or 1.1 to be perfect?

what I’m looking for is to have almost or similar the same sound as my analog hearing aids

OPN2 I’m not saying they are bad, from my point of view are shit, because the sound changes. I lose certain sounds that with others I don’t lose, the music sounds different, my voice sounds different.

for me to hear my voice similar to my old hearing aids, I have to raise bands 125 to 650, if I start raising bands 750 to 2k, I start to listen strange.

Thanks, you are correct.
My thoughts are too much compression will be distortion for most people.
You are so much help with these things, thanks.

Have you tried the things Volusiano Recommended? It is possible those settings might be odd coming from analog aids.

This is from an older thread that might help you. It explains how to go about setting up digital aids to sound like analog aids.

This is not a direct answer to the OP’s question but it explains a little about what the G50, G65 and G80 levels are used for. The description is about setting a digital aid up to be like a analog aid.

This is a copy and paste from um-bongo.

It’s pretty simple: you either tell the aid to act in a more linear fashion in the prerequisites or just let it default a gain setting, then go into the advanced gain adjustments and set the higher gain values the same as the G50 while winding up the MPOs to their maximum and turning the feedback manager off.

If you do this in a nominal music program, you’ll also inhibit a significant amount of the noise management and speech enhancement too.

You’ll have a nice linear sound and very loud sounds will be very loud. This will probably give you more feedback, auditory fatigue and may result in more long term damage to your hearing.

The only people who should be asking for a fully linear aid are those with a purely conductive loss. For everyone else it’s an impossible goal, due to recruitment. However there is merit in asking for an aid to be more linear in order to preserve normal loudness growth - apply judiciously