Analog still available?

Are analog hearing aids still available. All I read about are digital.

From Oticon they are.

These are power aids:


I even think the old personic 425 and 420 is still aval…

I purchased an analog made by Unitron about a year and a half ago.

Good luck on your search

i just collected starkey genesis dx yesterday! they sound excellent

Analog hearing aids are alive and well. I just purchased a pair of Acoustitone Pro ready to wear BTE’s for $310 from They sound so good that I am now using them as my primary aids instead of my $3000 Phonak Xtra 33AZ digital ITE’s. I was very skeptical about all the rave reviews the Acoustitone Pros received on, but I’m a believer now.

The sounds of Unitron and Phonak is really good and complex. Even I have tested it both. I am little confuse t chose any. So I am currently use both . Acoustitone Pro is really realistic and addictive product from the Phonak…

ok , l know , but l want to know more !

Analog aids are still available at:

I have had a pair of HB-23 aids for several years. They are still working well. I am picking up a pair of digital aids this afternoon as the HB-23s are no longer sufficient with my hearing loss.

They are priced affordably at $299 each. I have always received good service from the company.


Many experienced high power BTE users don’t take to well to the new digital aids. The good news is that the high power BTEs with features such as a manual volume control and 675 sized battery tend to be the lowest priced aids. The bad news is that these aids are getting tougher to find.

I so wish I’d found this forum 2 yrs ago…I’ve been an analog user my whole life - not that I havent had hearing aid fitters trying to get me to switch to analog for years. I’d given them the old college try but always hated (HATED!) them…

This last time I got forced into digitals and my poor doc, he really did have a hard time with me. After nearly 50 years of analog, these ears just don’t like digitals. He did get a pair of Siemens on me - and these do have some of those bells and whistles and they could “talk” to each other… HAH. I HATE hearing aids that try to decide for you what yoiu’ore going to hear or not. First we uncoupled them, then he turned off ALL the compression. It took a few tries to do that and I still swear that the one still has some, but my last visit to the doc the computer said no.

For now I’ve learned to tolerate them but I so miss my analogs. I am glad to see that there are some makers still out there and you can bet that I’m going to be looking.

I think Siemens still makes one - Phoenix??

dr. amy

I’m going through the same situation. Luckily my Siemens CIC analogs are still working…well, sort of. One is in repair and hope it will be returned soon. I’m having a difficult time finding custom analog CIC’s.

If you don’t mind BTE aids, analogs are still alive and well. Resound still makes the 793U BTE analogs, which are available from EBay and Dino Direct. And there is always the Acoustitone Pros, which are very good analog BTE aids. Gerald