An unusual possible loud noise--beware exploding eggs :>)


Just read this: 3 Things You Should Never Microwave - Consumer Reports

and one of those things you shouldn’t put in a microwave is an egg (in shell) as it could result in an up to 133 dB explosion. Just trivia. I found it interesting.



I learned that in the early 1970’s, the hard way. I worked in a large factory in central Illinois, they had just installed a refrigerated vending machine (sandwiches, cake / pie, hard boiled eggs) and a matching microwave, first one most of us had ever seen. A coworker stated he did not like cold sandwiches, and suggested we put his in for a short time along with my hard boiled eggs to warm them up.

Yes they explode quickly, violently, and leave a white and yellow stucco like coating, and a gawd awful sulfur stink as only eggs can. The next night we had a new microwave and a sign stating to not place eggs in microwave. I had to buy two sandwiches for the coworker to boot, one replacement and one apology for what my eggs did to his sandwich. :rofl:

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Wasn’t expecting anything quite so violent. Figured it would be like popcorn. A few at a time. I guess that could be hard on the ears if you were bending over to see how much time was left. Still laughing five minutes later.