Newbie here, was sick for nearly five years before (obviously LONG story cut short) we met the RIGHT Doctor who found that I was suffering from infection of mycobacterium fortuitum in my lungs. By the time it was FINALLY found, it was also quite uncomfortably nestled in my kidneys and brain.
I was placed on IV medications for a year through a PICC line, which you might know is an IV catheter leading from the arm to the heart, left in place longterm.
One of the medications was AMIKACIN, it made me very nauseous but other than that the list of possible side-effects was only frightening; hearing-loss was at the top of that list but I was un-affected as near as I could tell and was smiling and confident that I had beaten the odds.
What they didn’t make clear was that the hearing-loss might not crop up for MONTHS, and it was indeed months after they’d stopped the regimine that I lost my ability to understand people speaking to me. Not that it would have mattered. I was either going to slowly and very painfully die, or I was going to live. Life with hearing-loss is still LIFE, yes? :slight_smile:
So. Tinnitus is my constant companion now, and it’s LOUD. I also have the hearing-loss.
Diagnostics led to a visit to Beltone, and in two days I’ll have my first set of hearing hardware. I’m looking very forward to it.
Just wanted to introduce myself and place this note in the Forum regarding Amikacin since I didn’t see one. If you NEED it, you’ll likely accept using it no matter WHAT might happen to you since you might just die without it, but if your Doctor says there might be something else for your particular issue…
…MAYBE you’ll find my posting to be of help. :slight_smile: