America Hears under new management? What's a good replacement?

Hey, what’s the dealio with America Hears? They’re charging $250/aid for repairs now. Used to be around $150 back in 2015.

I was Googling their address so I can mail my aids to them and came across Google reviews where it was suggested they are now under a new management and that their repair services have become poor. On top of that, they will charge you full $250 just to replace a wind guard?

Anyone got any experience with America Hears within the last 2 years? My aids are pretty old so I’m not sure it’s worth spending $500 on repairs when I can use that money towards newer hearing aids. Especially if AH’s services are as shoddy as reviews say.

I’m shopping around new hearing aids (budget around 2500-3000 a pair) and I’d love to go to Costco but there isn’t one where I live so I was thinking of going along the route of eBay and self-programming (chinese mini USB) or Are there any other alternatives that wouldn’t be as overpriced? What are some decent models to check out these days for someone in moderately severe range?


In that price range, if I were considering Buyhear, I’d probably be looking at Phonaks: Audeo B90 or B70 or depending on how severe a loss, maybe the Nadia V90 or V70. If you send your audiogram to Buyhear and ask for a recommendation, they’ll work with you and you get a 60 day return period.

If you’re dumping AH then if you might possibly have the self-programming gear (particularly the box) then I might be interested in taking that off your hands. I’m not looking to spend much though :slight_smile:

I don’t have experience with America Hears. I do have experience with Blamey & Saunders (Australia) who sell the same range. I was told that the SIE-32 model are becoming more expensive to service because of their age. I suppose they like to encourage customers onto more recent aids (for obvious reasons). What they did do for me though was allow me to trade in my aids on a pair of refurbished SIE-32s for $400.00AUD. I’m hoping that they see me through to my next aids. I had trialed the SIE-64 model. Although they sounded great, I still had to ask people to repeat themselves in any listening environment that was remotely challenging. I decided that I wasn’t going to spend $4000+ AUD for marginal practical improvement. The latest and greatest in their range is close to $5000. That’s getting into premium territory. It may be a great aid for all I know, but when they have a service model with no face-to-face contact with an audiologist (ie they can’t blame all that expensive expertise for their high prices) I think they are not the value they were. Having said that, there’s nothing to fault in my interactions with them. They extended my evaluation period and took the aids back.

Lloyd’s Hearing Aids do repairs for less. It is an option you can check out.

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Several years ago, I bought a pair of HAs from America Hears, and I was very happy with them and with everything about AH. Now that AH seems to have been swallowed up by Lucid Technology, I don’t have much good to say about the HAs I recently purchased, or about Lucid/AH except that Juan Sanchez has been a dedicated advisor.