America Hears Recommends Oticon Sumo

Hello. I’m a new member.

I recently purchased aids from America Hears. Their service is good. But in my case, the aids will not work. I will returning the aids to them. I can hear okay with the aids; however, the noise cancellation program, at the volume level required, cuts in when I speak causing the sound of my voice to be very uncomfortable. Louder sounds are not as comfortable as with my old analog aids. This is my first experience with digitals. They recommended that I consider the Oticon Sumo.

My loss is:


250 = 55
500 = 60
1000 = 65
2000 = 70
3000 = 85
4000 = 100
6000 = 115
8000 = 100

Speech Discrimination = 92% at 90dbm, SRT=65


250 = 50
500 = 55
1000 = 60
2000 = 70
3000 = 85
4000 = 105
6000 = 120
8000 = 105

Speech Discrimination = 88% at 90dbm, SRT=60

Would the Oticon Sumo be a good fit with my loss? Thanks in advance for information.


I´m wearing SUMO DM. My first Digital after 16 years with analog.
It is difficult to adapt the change but After several weeks I have adapted to the new sound.
I went 3 fitting sesion and now is ok.

SUMO DM work very well, also in noise, have 3 program to manage the noise (full, medium and off) OFF = analog, I use medium.
SUMO have 3 way to manage your own voice, I try it all and choice one on them.
The sound quality is OK and T-coil is powerfull but is very important Audi know how to fit it.
My hearing is worse than yours and SUMO help very well

You must know SUMO is for deep hearing loss and have power . . .

Before DM I wear a SUMO XP (analog) and the quality is excellent.

Thanks for the information Mr. De La Garza. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I’m glad the new hearing aids are working for you. I was just on the phone with a represenative from I forwarded them a copy of my last audiogram. They are going to evaluate to see whether the recommendation that America Hears made for me to check into the Sumo’s is be viable.

You wore Oticon analog hearing aids before you got the digitals? How did they hold-up to moisture? I play alot of golf in the summer. It is very humid where I live. This has always been a problem with my hearing aids.

Again, thanks.

Oticon quality is excelent, no moisture, no problem. I was wearing them 2.5 years without problem.

In my opinion SUMO XP (Analog) and also DM (digital) are made them with very good component and they are very reliable

Yes, the Sumo DM’s would probably be a great fit for this type of hearing loss, as it is very powerful without the normal compressing that happens with many other digital hearing aids.

An alternative would be the Phonak Supero. I would stick with one of those 2 choices, as they are geared only for severe/profound hearing losses and both Oticon and Phonak have dealt with the severe/profound loss group for many many years.

I have AH’s Freedom 16x which are their most powerful BTE. They are really too big and bulky to wear except as backups to my old Siemens Infinitys. I sent them my recent audiogram to see if the new ADRO upgrade would help me further. They wrote back saying that I might be wasting the $1300 upgrade as it probably would not do that much good for me.

I was thinking of trying the DMs also. Does anyone know if they are smaller than the Freedoms? My ears sit close to my head and there just is not enough room up there for them to sit in. The Freedoms have a tendency to sort of “float” to the top of my ear.

The Sumo’s are quite large BTE’s, probably larger than the AH one you have.

If you need a smaller size and the power at the same time, you should try the Phonak Micro Power BTE, which is a micro BTE with 312 battery with the receiver in the ear, thus decreasing the size of the instrument.

You can find some info about it if you do a search on this forum, or go to the Phonak website.

Sumo Size:

Large: 1.69 inch
Width: 0.11 inch


Thanks, those are pretty big. I will look into the Phonak.