America Hears FreedomAd hearing aids

Anyone here have experience with these? The hearing aids seem to have all the technology of the big name brand digitals, and from what I’ve read, the company offers good customer support. Best of all, they provide the software for you to make your own adjustments. Also the price is good…

A friend of mine got those from America Hears. I thought it was a great idea to be able to adjust the hearing aids on your own computer.

Yet, he found it to be very difficult to figure out and was afraid that after so many adjustments, he screwed up the setting so much that he really couldn’t hear very well.

Maybe for a really tech savy guy, it might be good or if you know about hearing and stuff.

He ended up buying the Sonic Ions like what I have and has his Audi do the adjustments for him.

I have the Freedom CICs and have worn them for several years with good results. I had a pair of analogs before and the AHs are far better. AH’s service has been very good and they have been helpful with any problems.

I have made several programming changes to them although not too often and not too radical. Yes, the choices and changes you can do on your own are somewhat intimidating but the good thing is that, if you make a mistake, AH can restore your original settings to the aids over the internet. They also save each change you make so you can restore the last change.

AHs aids may not be the best or most technically advanced available, but for me, they work well and saved me a lot of money. I hope this information helped.