America Hears? Freedom Gold? Review?

This is my first post here on this forum. My hearing loss is not terribly profound, but I have plenty of difficulty in conversational environments and especially in crowded noisy rooms. I believe my audiologist calls me about a %8-10 loss. I damaged my hearing with 30 years of sandblasting, as well as abuses such as ipod, walkmans, and rock concerts.
My question: I have been wearing the Oticon Dual circa 2007-8 Behind-the-Ear devices and I’ve been very happy. Previous to this I wore the Starkey In-the-ear and absolutely hated them. I find that the “modern” processor technology provided in the Oticons to be exceptional. I love how they can define and separate the human voice for conversations.
I have a fresh 2 month old audiology test.
OK, My question: My friend is very happy with America Hears model “Freedom Gold”, as well as their customer service. Will I be dissappointed in comparison to my Oticon Dual devices? I was hoping for an upgrade since the technology has advanced in the 7 years since the invention of the Oticon Duals.
Hear is the specs on the America Hears “Freedom Gold”:
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The main thing I noticed is the bandwidth, the Oticon Alta Pro has a 10K bandwidth, these shows only 6K.
By the way I love my Oticons

As a former America Hears customer who continues to follow them, the technology advances in America Hears aids have not kept pace with the rest of industry, and their price to performance has dropped. I would not spend $4000 on America Hears aids. With a Costco nearby, I’d be more likely to investigate the latest Bernafon technology they offer. Oticon and Bernafon are made and marketed by the same company. I’d bet that you could get superior technology for $1000 or more less than the America Hears aids.

That graph only provides the fitting range. It contains no information about the frequency range of the hearing aid.

Thank You, I will now hold off with an impulse purchase of the America Hears.