America Hears BTE 4 program modes

I own America Hears Independence BTE3-161 aids. They have four program modes. The first mode does not work well in noisy crowded situations. Does anyone know which program mode works best in noisy situations?

America Hears knows. Call them and discuss the issue. Or connect your aids to the programming software and see which program is set for speech in noise.

I can’t remember how America Hears sets them up by default since I always request a different setup.

They have default programs based on your audiogram that you can select via the software. Usually you have to customize these to meet your needs.

Don’t worry if you screw anything up because the program saves the original defaults.

When I first got my aids, I called them complaining how terrible music sounds. And I was using their music program. They took control of my computer and adjusted my aids while I was talking to them on the phone. They worked better but still not good enough until I adjusted them myself while actually listening music.:wink:

You really need to play with the software a lot in order to learn how to adjust them. I can’t count the number of radical program changes I made,and later deleted.:eek: I had a blast doing it, though. In the end, my custom programs were not too far off the default settings.

Just call them. They won’t rush you through an adjustment or make you feel stupid. I found it quite refreshing that they’re willing to spend however much time is needed to solve a problem.


I wear HearSource personal programmable hearing aids, similar to the AH brand. They set up program #2 as my “better hearing in noise” program, using directional microphones. Has worked well for me so I have left it alone. I would think AH does the same.

I have HA’s from America Hears . . . .Independence RITE2-168’s.

When I got my HA’s they were programmed as follows:

Program 1: Normal/every day situations
Program 2: Restaurants/Noisy places
Program 3: Windy situations
Program 4: Not in use

You can look on the software disc that came with your aids to see how yours were programmed. There are a number of options you can choose . . . I used the Music setting for Program 4.