America Hears and people using them

I did a search but I have had my Pure 500’s for over a year and I am thinking of getting another pair. I know many on this forum use AH’s aids…

What are your thoughts? Do you like the software? etc

AH had been positively review here, However- their instruments are at best similar to a mid level instrument. Example, you might be able to find from Unitron a Latitude instrument which is wireless, bluetooth,etc for what you can pay for AH.

I would take Unitron any day over AH. Costco had also been positive reviews for service and reasonable pricing. I will check them out to… Compare all the choices, and compare apples to apples.

I am going to talk with my audi…but I was looking for something I could tweak myself. As for Costco …we don’t have them where I live.

My mom has been using AH aids for over 6 years. She is very satisfied. I do the tweaking with a laptop. Comparing AH aids to others may be difficult. Most manufacturers use WDRC, a type of sound compression, to achieve and control amplification. America Hears uses ADRO, a system of amplification based on fuzzy logic rules. I have tweaked both and find ADRO a little easier to tweak. America Hears, the audiologists, and all of the support people working there are great. Customer service from AH gets an A+ in my book. I suggest you try the AH 60 day trial period before you buy any aids. You can see if you like self tweaking and the service from the company.

I’ve been an AH customer for several years. Currently, my daily wear aids are GN ReSound Pulse thin tube BTE’s, but I have a pair of Freedom SIE aids as a backup. They came in handy a few months ago when one of my Pulse’s conked out, and my audie sent both out for an overhaul.

If Costco isn’t an option AH is the next best bet for good aids at a reasonable price.

Kind of what I am wanting. I have Pure 500’s that I wear all the time but I want a backup. I ran out of domes for my Pures not to long ago and it would have been nice to have something else to use.

I also have found over the years that I am a little more tech savvy than all of the audi’s I have been to and I end up helping them tweak my aids…

Just want to do it myself without spend a huge amount of money…