Ambra MicroM vs MicroP

After my first topic (see ), here I am again :smiley:

After the Alera 9 the new audi fitted me a month later with the Phonak Ambra MicroP with a custom mold with fine tube, and programed them with the target 2.0

I was really hoping they would do the trick as the MicroM had sounded very good for a couple of weeks with the previous audi.

After several fittings the Ambra MicroP still didn’t help me to understand speech more clearly and I didn’t hear certain frequencies as good as with the Alera 9, so I swithed back to the Alera as I wasn’t making any progress.

Why is there such a great difference between the sound of the MicroM and the MicroP with the same hearing loss :confused: Can it be that my hearing is still “too good” to be fitted with the MicroP ?

Below my last audiogram from 2 months ago
Hz R / L
125 -35 / -40
250 - 45 / -45
500 - 40 / -40
1 K - 30 /- 30
2 K - 50 / -45
4 K - 45 / - 50
6 K - 30 / - 35
8 K - 15 / - 20

No…they are the exact same hearing aid except the microP has a VC button and the microM does not. My guess was that it wasn’t the HA that was the problem, it was the person doing the adjusting/programming.