Amazon has 8-packs of size 10 energizer batteries on sale for $2.74 with free prime shipping

I don’t know how long this sale is going to last but it is a great deal. I buy packs of 80 for $21 from the Hearing Tracker Shop, but this is pretty good.

The Hearing Track equivalent price is $2.20.

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At the moment: 2 left in stock. Other counts/sizes are more expensive.

This site’s shop.

Right. Size 10 only. I’m not sure how long they will stay at this price or until they sell out. Amazon changes prices regularly. Compared to the prices on the other sizes, this might even be a price mistake.

I never realized this site had a shop!
Before the “old” site went out of business - I bought batteries (off brand) from them to show my support. Since then have bought Costco batteries. (1/3 the price of those Energizers.)

I have bought the Power 1 batteries for about a year at Hearing Tracker, perfect transaction.

If costco sells an 8 pack of name brand batteries for under a dollar, there is some definite flipping money to be made!

Costco 6 x 8 pack for $8 plus some change for 312’s.

Costco’s price is around $8.29-$8.49 for 6x 8pack in all sizes.

Same price for same amount of size 13

Great price! Costco for the win! :mask: