Amazon Basics 312s

Since the apparent demise of Rayovac’s subscription service in the UK/EU, I have been considering using Amazon for regular 312 battery deliveries. Does anyone know who actually makes them? claims “made in China”. Also, anyone else using them and how to they compare? Thanks, folks.

I get my batteries from here.

If you are in the U.K. and if there is a Costco near you, try the Kirkland branded batteries. They are made by Rayovac and the pricing is very affordable.

I am in the U.K., and a Costco member, but by the time time I’ve driven to Costco, I might as well have driven to my local NHS audiology department and obtained Rayovac batteries for free!

I’m looking for an automatic subscription service that mails me batteries on a regular basis. Rayovac used to offer this service and Amazon still do (“subscribe & save”).

I just read a business report about Amazon Basics in general, indicating that these products in general did not perform well. I ordered Rayovac.