Am I the only one who finds getting new hearing aids to be extremely stressful?


I just need to know that I am not alone here. I have been wearing hearing aids for 25+ years and every time I get a new pair, my stress levels go up and I get very nit picky and it seems to get worse. As if the financial stress isn’t bad enough, I am dealing with issues such as comfort, how things sounds, etc…

Anyway else experience this?


Because it’s a substantial purchase with little information to decide with leaving you with merely trust and faith to go on,


Actually, for me, more excitement than stress. I am annoyed when things don’t go well, like custom mold issues, one new, bad, hearing aid off for repair, Bluetooth phone streamer cutting out and replaced. Everything is back and I have an appointment tomorrow.

Change is exciting, but I understand everyone doesn’t share that view.


45+ years for me, yes, I still hate getting and re-training a new HA.


Shopping for a hearing aid definitely has the characteristics needed to drive some of us crazy. So you try an aid and it helps and works fine… Okay, but what about that other one over there? It might be better than the one you have! Maybe you don’t know what you’re missing until you try it! I’m firmly among those who can drive themselves nuts with this.


I wish I were like you Don!


Years ago when it was time to buy a new suit I found it both enjoyable and aggravating. Looking at the different styles and colors, deciding what I thought worked well for me, being shocked at the cost, then going through the measurements for alterations, waiting and returning a week later, trying the suit on, and still not sure if I liked it. Then, deciding what accessories I thought I needed to purchase with the new suit.
Sound similar?
Yeah, I know that choosing HAs can be a hassle, but if the specialist is competent, and I follow the instructions I receive, I’m counting on a successful outcome to go with my cash outgo.
BTW, I’m new to this, just picked up my KS8s and am into day three of use, 12-14 hours/day. Very comfortable. Trying to see a difference, but think I’ll ask for a volume boost in the higher frequencies when I go back next week.


I think the amount of stress you have when getting new aids depends on your personality type. I hate to shop. Looking at a lot of different things and having to choose one is not the least bit pleasurable for me. My wife, on the other hand, can shop all day and love it. Because a lot of money is involved, buying a car is torture for me. Others seem to like the selecting and haggling over price. The last car I bought came from Hertz used cars. They have a fixed price. You can either pay it, or not. This is no plug for Hertz. I have some issues with them, but how they price their cars isn’t one of them. If I were paying multi thousands of dollars for aids, I would probably have a nervous breakdown. And, I would be so picky, the place where I got them would never want to see my face again. I definitely feel your pain.


Laughing, pegged me there! I’m in a mental tug of war over a license audiologist with much experience with aids $4K-$6K vs a Costco HIS that I’m going to see in a month, but costs will be $2K to $3K, for what I want to accomplish and my loss.

My entire life I have chosen the highest level professional possible for my needs, price was not the primary consideration. Now the huge price difference of HAs between that full pro clinic and Costco has me in a quandary. I will go through the process with both, but both may never want to see me again, as you say.


For me, it is exciting. I will always go into a thing with a sense of adventure. If I ever have limbs amputated, I will be chomping at the bit for the latest in prosthetics. I will evaluate pros and cons.

The money is what it is. You wouldn’t believe how often you can haggle…and I have.


My solution to beating the stress of buying expensive aids is to buy used ones off eBay and do my own programming. You can pick up current model aids for about a tenth of normal new prices. You still have the expense of the programming equipment, but if you go the wired route, it will program just about anything out there and all you would have to buy to do other aids is some cables. I am pretty much locked into Phonak because I bought their wireless programmer.


I find getting new ear molds really stressful as they never bloody fit.


It’s kind of a cross between excitement and stressful. Trying to figure out which aid you want and if you are getting hosed by the pricing is stressful for me. Once I get them and they are functioning correctly it turns to subdued excitement.
My first set of hearing aids died last week (Sonic Flip 100’s). I started out going for the Phonak B90R and ending up being convinced to get the Starkey IQ rechargeable’s. I just hope it all works out.


I know exactly what you mean. I’ve just had a new pair. Tried Widex first (after having Phonak for 5 year). So uncomfortable and the streaming from iPhone was awful (I wanted a pair that could do this new thing). Got a different provider to let me try Resound. They are great and so far I’m very pleased, but the whole process has been quite stressful. Compared to many life traumas its nothing I suppose and shouldn’t moan, but it still gets you down - not to mention the bank account!!!

Best wishes


Stressful, YES. Perhaps if I had unlimited funds… it would be less so. But with so many options and variables involved, there’s no need to question your sanity, @castle348. We’re right there with ya’!


My niece’s name is Sydney! I just got my impressions today. The domes hurt my ear canals so I am going custom molds.


Ha ha, great name for a girl, I think. I love my custom molds, though right now am wearing domes.


Looking to get my second pair soon. I know more now which helps. But where to go and which one to get has made my brain hurt…:roll_eyes:


Getting hearing aids truly gives new meaning to the term “mind f@$%&”! :open_mouth: :roll_eyes:


castle348, I’ve been all stressed out even before I finally admitted I needed some help to relieve my friends from my constant “what?”. I think it’s very normal to worry about fitting, cost, comfort or lack of it, etc. as it seems like an inexact science despite progress from the ear trumpets, and compared to, say, the vision or dentistry.

With only a company’s audiologist, I tried my first pair last year but returned them as I felt uncomfortable and…additionally, I’m so darned vain I want to discuss the “invisible” HAs with an audiology doctor when I find one (another stress as with choosing any other professionals).

I was moved and enlightened by all comments here and I too am glad to see I’m not alone being stressed out over HAs. :slight_smile:

P.S. Are molds taken of the ear much as a prosthodontist does with the dentures? Thanx.