Am I getting ripped off with the warranty?

Hi Everybody!

I purchased new Destiny Starkey Hearing aids about a year ago .
I wear the strongest Destiny Starkey aids on the market.

Now my audiologist tells me the warranty is just about ending (it’s been a year).

Now my Audiologist tells me that I need to purchase an additional warranty on these aids for $600 (2 aids ) for an additional year! :eek:

This price seems rather high! Am I getting ripped off??? :confused:

Thanks for your help.

And what is everybody else paying for additional warranties???
Anybody have the Destiny Starkeys?

I never buy the warranty. I have never had a situtation where I needed it.

Well she said it also covers loss as well and I am always afraid I may loose them.
These things are so small. I have had a couple of close calls.

I still thinking I am paying too much for the warranty.:confused:

$600 for 2 high quality Starkey Destiny Hearing Aids just seems a little high.
I still wonder if I am getting ripped off. ANd the warranty only covers me for ONE additional year.

they might be a good alternative

don’t know if I would want to buy an extended warranty online from someone miles away in this day and age. Although the price looks good…it almost looks too good to be true.:wink:

Where is my audiologist coming up with $600 for 2 aids for one additional year anyway?:rolleyes:

She said that the price of hearing aid repairs have skyrocketed. :confused:

Thank you all for you replies.

Is a 1-yr warranty standard in the US?

In the UK a 2-yr manufacturer’s warranty is normal … AND … by law we MUST pass it on to the customer without charging extra or saying it’s only 1-yr or whatever.

Check out ESCO

I have been wearing hearing aids for 43 years now and I have never bothered with a warranty.

I have Starkey Destinies now, and I have no intention of doing anything differently.

I agree with you. HA’s are outdated so quickly that a warranty is just wasting money. I can’t understand anyone losing one either. You put them in in the morning and take them out at night.

get the insurance. I have always gotten insurance on my aids once the warranty ran out and I have always had to use it. Better safe then sorry.

this are good people…
their service is great

I don’t know about a lot of other people but I can’t afford to get new aids every year. If my aid gets lost or seriously damaged a replacement is a serious hit to my finances. So I get the insurance. I also think your audiologist is asking way too much money.

YES! I hope you will not be silly enough to pay this outrageous “insurance” premium…:eek: Just for comparison, my home owners insurance is about $900 for the entire house. It also provides coverage for loss of small things like rings and jewlery. I recommend that you check with your home owner’s insurance agent to see if they will cover your hearing aids for less than $600!

BTW, find a new audi.

While it can vary from place to place, I have not seen the cost for Starkey repairs to go up. Shipping and express charges have increased but the base cost of repairs have not increased in 2+ years.

For a Starkey warranty you get Repair/Remake/Loss&Damage which is nice, but it sounds about $200 too high.

Typically I have always asked for the extended warranty when I purchase a new aid. Nevertheless on the last aid I purchased my audi said not to. She said to ask instead how much a repair cost verses an extended warranty. The addition warranty for my HA was 200 and the repair fee is 150. When the aid is repaired, a new warranty for one year is started. This will not cover you for loss. You may want to ask how much a repair would cost verse a warranty.

Thanks for all the answers. Looks like I need to find a new audi! :frowning:

I had thought this one was honest and now I feel like I am being taking advantaged of!

She also told me that the repairs were $500 per hearing aid unless I purchased the $600 warranty!!

How in the heck do you find an honest audi anyway??? :confused:

This is not the first time I have been ripped off?

Good idea about checking with the homeowners insurance policy.

Speaking about these Starkey Destiny CIC s. They take the battery with the yellow sticker on them . They are smaller than the batteries I had for the Siemens (they had an orange sticker) and the batteries last an average of a day and a half. With the Siemens HA my batteries lasted a week.

With my siemens I think the warranty last 2 years but apparently with these Starkey Destineys , the warranty is only for a year. Now I am not sure if I made the right decision switching from Siemens to Starkey. Although the Starkeys seem more powerful, they beep more…

And I have had alot of close calls with loosing these darn hearing aids! It is frustrating to loose them, once they ended up in the trash when I had actually thrown them away with my work papers. I always remove the left aid when answering the phone, because I can never hear with the phone with these aids and that goes on the in line phone and also the cell phone is no better. So when I remove the aid there have been times when they get lost and it sure is a PITA!

double post

The yellow sticker designates the batteries as being Size 10. A week is roughly average for these. That’s about what my current Siemens get with them. The orange sticker designates a Size 13 battery that should last roughly 20-21 days… From what I’ve seen and read, anyway.

Maybe you can get or make a special ‘dish’ to place on your desk or counter to hold the aids when you need to take them out? I use a miniature replica of the Roman Coliseum. And maybe carry a special pouch for when away from home or work - perhaps an attractive accessory to wear on your wrist or something.

Just random early morning thoughts that I thunked.

General House Hold Insurance Cover can save you a lot of grief if you itemise the hearing aids. Check your policy documents. I have had 4 clients who had aids replaced this way.

I checked with my insurance company and they said with the present insurance poilicy there would be a $1000 deductible . And then they said that for an additional $375 a year I would have complete coverage against loss on the hearing aids with NO deductible.

This is what I found out after my Audi had told me that she didnt think the insurance companies would cover it. :rolleyes:

The $600 additional 1 year policy for loss and breakage to is is just outrageous.

Anyone know what the cost if to have to send an aid in for repair that is NOT covered by the warranty?