Am/Fm radio

Expect to receive my ReSound Futures this week and want to figure out a way to listen to radio wirelessly. I can’t find a radio with both am and fm that is portable (ie, walkman type) with bluetooth already installed.
I have found radios that have connectors for MP3 players and even some with USB connectors.
Am I correct in thinking that if something has a 3.5mm or 2.5mm connector and I plug a bluetooth adapter into it, I would get bluetooth signal to my HA bluetooth adapter? (ReSound refers to this as a cell phone clip, I believe but, it’s just bluetooth and doesn’t know if it’s a phone or a radio or whatever.)
I did make the discovery that my home theater system has RCA audio output jacks I can plug my streamer into and get wireless comm to my HA’s. So, I can listen to CD, phono, AM/FM, cassett, TV etc without changing a thing!!! (at least that is what I hope)
Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

yea…if you have a bluetooth transmitter that plugs into a mini-jack on a walkman or portable radio or whatever…AND it pairs with you iCom…then it will work.

Doesn’t matter what it is plugged into…it receives an audio signal, coverts it to bluetooth wireless and sends it. It doesn’t matter what the audio signal is…just audio

How about this: some phones have an FM receiver and most phones have bluetooth. Some phones stream music over bluetooth (called A2DP). I haven’t tried streaming FM from a phone, but it might work. It would be like streaming music to a bluetooth headset.

Also, if you have a smart phone you could listen to stations on the internet, through your phone, like I “heart” radio, Pandora, Slacker, etc. You could get some local stations that way, possibly your favorites.

It would take some research but it might be possible to stream FM radio on your phone to a bluetooth device. I had a Nokia 5310 with FM and my current phone, the My Touch 4G from T-Mobile (great phone and fast 4G Internet) has an FM radio but you must plug in headphones that act as the antenna (so no streaming of the FM output).