Although not Bluetooth, but Wireless Microphone System called Conversor

Before spending a lot on FM wireless systems, you may want to try a Converser handheld microphone.

This is a wireless microphone and directional microphone that can place closer to the source of the sound and you wear a small telecoil loop, like a necklace and you can wear them under your clothes. The way it works is the sound from the microphone is beamed wirelessly to the receiver which is worn around the neck and the wire loop around your neck send the signal wirelessly to the hearing aids. The hearing aids must have Telecoils, which most BTE’s have. Many ITC and larger hearing aids also have this feature.

This is a cheaper alternative to FM Boots or the My link and can give users an idea of how FM systems and wireless microphones work.

We gave it a good testing and it work very well…in fact, we could hear conversations even when we left the room. I went to use the restroom and could still hear everything everyone was saying in my office.

Retail should be around $795-$1,000.