Alternatives to Phonak Naida V90 UP

I’m wondering what hearing aides to get when I upgrade from my current Naida Q pair. My audiologist told me I need a bit more headroom to adjust than with the Naida Q SP, so I’m considering the Naida V90 UP. It has lots of features and is pretty much waterproof on land, which is great because I tend to sweat a lot when outdoors in the summer. IDK that I have to have all the features of the top of the line Phonak, however, I have a severe to profound loss (sensory neural) and need the 105 dB gain that the Vs would give me.

So I’m wondering which other brands I should consider with about the feature set I have now with the Naida Qs, which are about 7 years old. It would be nice to get rechargeables, but not having that feature is not a deal breaker, either. My audiologists at the local University can program about anything that I bring them, so any brand would work.

Appreciate any help available.

Resound Enzos perhaps? Nadia Vs are a good choice though.

Would there be much difference between the Enzo2 9 (EN-998DW) and the Enzo UP997-DW, the latter I guess being an earlier model. I see a pair of the latter for sale for less than half what a pair of the former would cost.

Instead of asking others to perform detailed comparisons you should look at datasheets in the Professional section of your manufacturer’s website. Click the links below and then scroll down to find links to datasheet PDFs,



I’m familiar with basic Netiquette and did look, but couldn’t find the specs for the model I listed. I was unsure whether it had the same specs as the Enzo model listed in the data sheet, which I read before posting. I suppose I should have mentioned this…

Are you sure this is an ENZO model number?

Oh, maybe the EBay listing said that’s the model number,

Hmmmmm, it says UP997-DW on the hearing aid in the EBay picture. I didn’t find that model either. Whoops, no it says UP977-DW.

Might want to try to clarify model number with seller. Hearing Tracker hearing aid reviews is also a good, user friendly place to compare hearing aid features. If you can ascertain that this this is a level 9 Enzo and it’s battery configuration is amenable to you, it would likely be little different from the next generation.

Okay look at this datasheet, UP977-DW, your basic transposition error.

You got that the ReSound UP is ReSound’s pediatric hearing solution, right?

Kid stuff.

Any the EBay seller is pushing it as “Hearing Aid Person: adult”.

I dunno the difference, I’m just saying.