Alternative charger for my Phonak Paradise P90 hearing aids

I need a second charger for my Phonak Paradise 90 hearing aids. Cannot believe the price shown for such a basic item. Does anyone have a alternative ?




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I bought the smaller “travel” charger on eBay for my P90’s. Made sure to test it at home before traveling with it. Worked great! Good luck!

What price were you quoted?

Anything between 80 and 180 uk pounds.

Bought this on eBay for about $30. Works perfectly for the ks10s. Keep it in bathroom to top them off every evening so I can last through streaming tv all evening. 15 minutes while I SSS.

Need it especially if I’ve been streaming a lot during the day.

Phonak Charger BTE RIC With Power Supply and Charging Cable

Seller is


They also have a larger one. By the way it works good with a portable back up battery for cell phone. Don’t need the expensive one that clips to the regular charger.

That’s exactly what I wanted and at a bargain price. Unfortunately, they do not ship to Spain or the UK.

Keep looking on eBay. Lots of other sellers and some might ship there.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover: