Alta Pro volume control question

I don’t like to assume things in general but the lack of information from the manufacturer and audi and since I am a first timer I have little choice.

Glad for this forum.

When I close the batt door the volume control is at default level. A quick buttom push left side DECREASES vol, right side INCREASES vol.

The question is as I go up or down depending on my preference/hearing scenario, sometimes a little jingle plays. Is this the aid telling me that I happened upon the default level?

I am assuming this is the case, but there is amazingly enough no way for me to actually look it up. State of the art hearing aids with technical information from the Stone Age.

My audi “forgot” to give me the owners manual if it’s in there. I called & demanded it & will have it in a couple of weeks.



Yes, the two beeps indicates the default volume level. You can download the user guide here:

Thanks, that’s great, much appreciated!

You are right it’s 2 beeps on one side then 2 on the other, I thought it was a “jingle” like the power up.