Alta Pro - slight static/white noise one side?

Had these almost 1 year and last night after a heavy gym workout (sweat) I noticed a very slight static, white noise happening on the left side. It is “amplified” as I increase gain.

Do not be confused, this is not a sound being picked up from external source, it’s just the aid.

I just sent the right back for a “stuck/unresponsive” button - the whole aid was replaced.

Does this mean the left needs to go back to factory for service?

I am starting to question the “high quality” marks the most people seem to give to Oticon. I am VERY careful with these, not rough on them, but I do lead a 100% active life style.

Thanks, looking especially for comment from Justin or other audi’s.

Does sweat that gets in the aid cause the circuit boards to “bleed over” or cross circuit/short circuit causing white noise?


I have not had this issue with my ITC Alta pros, but I did have the issue with my Duals. Both of the Duals had to be sent to the repair shop twist for sweat issues. I would recommend you getting sweat bands for your aids and maybe even use a sweat band around you head with the aids on the out side of the band.

Have your AiD send it in…they will simply replace the guts… Why not? Then you will have basically a new pair.

Yes I very much agee.

I just took a good close look at mine with a magnifying glass & good light.

It seems to me that the gap where the battery door closes is just that, a small gap. There really is no attempt by the mfg. to design any “seal” properties in that area.

I understand that there is nano coating, I guess on the circuit board, but still, why let any liquid get in the door in the first place (sweat/water)?

I am sure this has been designed & studied ad nauseum by Oticon, but seems like it could be better.

I have a question re: those covers. Do they REPEL sweat or do they SOAK UP sweat.

If they soak it up, I don’t like that plan much as it would keep the wet cover in contact with the aid rather than let the air dry your skin/hair area around the aid.

Anyone know?

— Updated —

The battery compartment can’t be airtight because the battery requires a constant air supply to function. And temperature changes in the environment can cause moisture to condense on parts inside the hearing aid.

Yes I understand that. There are materials (gore tex for example) that let air pass AND block water (has to do with size of molecules of air vs water).

Just sayin, for an industry that prides/promotes itself as being so cutting edge/state of the art, that this aspect of product development seems a few decades behind.

I would think the low end aids might be designed with a gap, but high end / high price out to have a higher standard.



At the price of these things…no excuse.

Why ask questions when you THINK you have all the answers?

THe Alta2 Pro generates white noise and ocean noise as part of its tinnitus masking function. Maybe there were some early vestiges of the feature in the Alta just before the Alta2 came out?

That’s certainly an interesting thought, however the right has zero “static” and left never had any before until recently. It may just be on the verge of breaking & needs to visit it’s repair place (so that’ll be a week or two without one side (again).


These things are not very rugged.

Try changing the receiver. More often than not moisture problems in Oticon RITEs happen at the connection point between the receiver and the RITE. If changing the receiver doesn’t do it, then send it in. The Alta Pro was ok for moisture resistance, but not impervious. Usually a receiver change and maybe a night in a dry n store will usually do the trick.

Thanks Justin, I have an appt next fri with my audi. I don’t know if she stocks parts (I suspect not) so I am prepared she will want to sent to NJ repair. She only has Fri appt where I see her (she travels to different clinics) so that’ll be two weeks (again) on one side only.

Do you suspect where the wire connects to the rite or where it connects to bte part?


Could be either. Usually if the receiver itself is twirling around and around it is there, but if it is stable and does not move, then it is at the connection the BTE. Look at the receiver. Sometimes you can actually see yellow moisture in the tubing or even tiny air bubbles in the fluid. Certainly, if there is any green or bluish corrosion, that is a problem.

My audi had a look and “changed the wire” whatever that means I tried to watch her do it but she was fast & I just am not sure what it was. Noise still there & she hears it. She thinks the microphone(s) are moisture damaged. Sent it back & she thinks the’ll just send a new one. So I’m down to one ear for a few days. Not the end of the world.

Has anyone had luck with some kind of moisture covers to wear while working out?