Alphabet humor - I am not FAT




I saw that too. Not that there’s isn’t a health issue or anything of course.


I wonder what would happen if @HOHKate posted a reply to this thread?




Or @seb :slight_smile:


Yeah but if @seb asked a question of @HOHKate and then @iStay:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
WAIT!!! It will probably never happen that way. Or they might get avatars before it happens.


Well. Either could post saying what’s all this then for the laugh and then you gotta capture the image for posterity. :slight_smile:

Who shot JR?


Who you calling FAT??? :wink:


:wink: Hey post a reply to this thread to see if we can turn it into CRASH on the view of Latest;


Done! Got CRASH? :slight_smile:


I saw it! The Latest screen has CRASHed;


Guys, I don’t understand what’s going on here :thinking:


Well…first of all you’re in the Social sub-thread so it’s going to be just something fun (or political :gun:).

Non-mobile readers see the list of avatars of responses (creator,…last poster). pvc first saw FATpvc. Then he saw CRASsomething. So he thought it might be fun if a user starting with H posted in the thread to make the word CRASH. So he hooked a current active user to get them to. And they obliged.
There may also be an element of a slight poke in the ribs at the standard default letter people get when they first sign up and aren’t interested in changing it.
But that’s all. Just goofin’ around.


Could make the letter people want to keep there letters just to see the occasional letter fun.:joy: