All Cochlear Implant Recipients

I’ve started this thread with the hope that all recipients will introduce themselves. Over the last 12 months we have had an influx of recipients on the board. I believe a few more in the pipeline also. I’m doing this so that all future recipients or people considering a CI have somewhere they can find a name of an experienced person they can message… To ask the many questions we all had when we went through the pre op stage. All without the negativity that’s been going on over the last few months from other people on the board.

I’m Sheryl, aka Deaf_piper I live in Melbourne Australia. I was implanted July 8 2019, 8.5 months ago. I have a Cochlea N7 & Resound Enzo bimodal system. I have a 522 array with a hybrid EAS attachment, because I was lucky and had most of my residual saved during the operation.The EAS stands for electric acoustic stimulation so technically it’s the merging of both methods. The highs are via electric and the lows via acoustic. It’s meant to give me a fuller, richer sounding speech. But it’s questionable!
I just wish I had done this years ago!


So, I am Pat, I live in central New York state. I was implanted January 3, 2020. Currently I have a Cochlear N7 with a CI632 implant, and a Starkey Muse 2400 in my other ear.

i have a thread here documenting what has happened so far, that I plan to update when I have something to update it with.


Just FYI. Apparently today is International Cochlear Implant Day. Audiology Online has many courses on cochlear implants. For those unfamiliar with Audiology Online, you need to register to access the courses, but there is no charge. The $50 charge is only if you wish to get professional continuing education credit.


Sorry that I didn’t response earlier, my profession was too time consuming the last weeks.
I was implanted 02/20/2020. Currently I have a Med-EL Sonnet 2 with a long Mi1250 Synchrony 2 (31.5mm/1.24") electrode.
Dani’s trip to his CI


Hello, sorry I didn’t find this thread sooner. I am from California, name is Juan, and I’ve been implanted since some time in 2010, can’t remember hah. Started with a N5 and upgraded to the N7. The reason I wanted to get surgery was because we had our first born and I really wanted to be able to hear her cries, her laughs and giggles, and voice. And I wanted the communication between my wife and I to improve. So I went all in for it, don’t regret it and never looked back. Now I’m going to have surgery for my left ear and am wondering if anyone has experience with two implants? What is that like, being able to hear out of two ears seems so weird and foreign to me but I am excited and can’t wait.