Alera vs Dot

Hello everybody, I am a 45 yo with high frequency loss. I have been wading thru all the information I can about hearing instruments and am about to take the plunge.

Before the Alera was released I had been discussing the Dot2 20 with my audi. When he mentioned the 2.4 wireless technology in the Alera my first response was that it was not necessary. Now I am not so sure.

Comparing the “key features” of each it appears the wireless technology is the only difference between the Dots and the Aleras, is that correct? If that is the case then what is the trade off? Size vs Wireless?

Thank you for helping me make an informed decision.

Audiologically speaking, Alera has multiband directional micr. which in theory has
better noise cancelling. Other than the bluetooth, they are the same instrument

The Alera has waterproofed mikes unlike the first dots … which should help reduce the product repair requirements!

(I haven’t fitted many dot2s … so I can’t remember if they have mike water protection)

Is that also for the asymmetrical fitting I was reading about? Is that fitting on all Alera’s or is it on the 9 with the natural directionality? If it is for the natural directionality then is it the same fitting as the DOT 30’s?

As far as the Bluetooth is concerned are cell phones and televisions that much of a concern? <O:p</O:p

EnglishDespenser I read in one of your prior posts that you fit either the 10s or 30s and skip the 20s, could you elaborate a little on that for me?

On the mics they both talk about “nano” coating, Is that what you are referring to?<O:p</O:p

Regarding Nanocoating: ReSound began nanocoating their instruments while the Live/Dot2 were their newest products. Units within these families that were produced earlier won’t have the coating, but those produced more recently will. All Aleras have the coating.

Regarding Wireless: You don’t “need” the Alera’s remote control, phone, and television accessories the same way that you don’t “need” an HDTV or an automatic transmission in your car. If I wore hearing instruments I’d want to have the optional wireless accessories. Being able to carry on a conversation on the phone without having to hold anything in my hands and being able to hear clearly in both ears rather than trying to struggle in one is a huge benefit that I would appreciate!

Regarding Differences Between Dot2 and Alera: Without using wireless accessories the difference isn’t night and day, but there are some additional refinements in the Alera (particularly in the high end models) and it runs on a difference chip/processor. I’m told that with their older processor the Live/Dot2 were pushing its internal CPU to 100%. If you’re convinced you don’t need the wireless accessories, another option would be to go with the 60 model of the Alera, which should be priced lower than the standard (61) model. You’d give up wireless capabilities and the push-button (which allows you to have more than one program saved to the instrument), but you’d be getting all of the refinements of the Alera in a Dot-sized instrument.

Thank you for the reply; you have a lot of good information in there. Interesting on the processor, I know what happens to a processor that is over clocked in other devices so that cant be good for the Dots. Are they experiencing processor failures?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /><o:p></o:p>

Just got the Alera 61 and I have not used the bluetooth yet. Alera 61 has a faster processor and has ZERO feedback or squealing. I doubt the Dots have the same sound quality, as this model is ReSound’s newest state of the art HA. I’m amazed at how good they are.

That is what I wanted to hear:)

Did you get the 5, 7 or 9’s?

Actually, I don’t agree with this.

They’ve sorted the feedback manager, which now only takes a second or so to measure, there’s the multiband mics as you say, there’s also some better destination based processing in addition to the quite extended integrated bluetooth. I comes in a new physical package with some decent features.

Don’t knock it, I’m pretty down on Resound after the Be debacle, but I was quite impressed by what is actually a paradigm shift. They got in first with ‘Air’ and it looks like they’ve beaten the competition again with the bluetooth integration. I’m sure there will be flaws, but the first mobile telephone wasn’t perfect either, was it?

I will be fitted with Alera61’s in the 7 series on Wednesday. The Bluletooth just seams tool cool to pass up on:cool: