Alead LiveMIC2

I finally bought a tiny Bluetooth wireless microphone to clip on my wife’s shirt. It pairs with my left Companion hearing aid and my Andorid phone pairs with my right hearing aid. The microphone works perfectly and is even a little loud. My wife is pleased.

I think I will put it in the middle of the dining table Sunday when our family of 12 gather for dinner and see if I can finally follow the multiple conversations. I notice no echo or delay when my wife is speaking.

I have only been using it for about an hour. The maximum range is about 30 ft. Since it has been on I got a low battery announcement in my hearing aid. It may drain the battery more than expected. We will have to use it selectively. I assume if we are out of range, it will not drain the hearing aid battery. We will see.

I think the rechargeable battery in the Alead is supposed to last 8 - 9 hours.

Sounds like a good investment. Glad it’s helped.

Are your “Companions” the ones manufactured and/or sold by Sound World? I have noticed that the Companions on the Sound World website are now being described as “Hearing Aids” but on the Amazon website they are still being advertised only as “Personal Sound Amplifiers” - are they now legally authorized to be categorized as HAs? Is this a new development? I might be interested if their software allows adjustment by individual frequency ranges.

" The Sidekick The Sound World Solutions Sidekick Personal Sound…" These are on Amazon and are not the Companion version. I have worn mine morning 'till night with one recharge in the afternoon or evening, for over a year. If the recharging gets too frequent, I will send them in for a battery replacement.

As far as I am concerned, they are hearing aids…others here can say whatever they want. The CS Customizer application on my LG smartphone lets me check and change the volume, treble, mid, and bass. Also, “personalize” them with an abbreviated hearing test while sitting in a quiet room.

I can’t hear without them and I can’t use a phone without them.

Thanks for pointing that out. They look the same (like regular hearing aids) but I too see now that the ones on the Amazon site are NOT labeled “Companions” but the ones on the Sound World site are.

Just out of curiosity, does you wife has a soft, high-frequency voice like mine does? That is what makes me interested in your posts on the SW Companion. Whenever I leave and get back home after an “adjustment” of my present hearing aids, it always seems as if they have compromised my settings to average in various circumstances, whereas 90% of my time is spent at home conversing with wifey and I feel stuck with a compromised setting, no matter which “environment” I select with my remote.

I’d like to have more control over keeping the high-frequency settings up when I’m at home, etc. When home with her, I don’t want my setting compromised with male voices, bowling alleys, restaurants, etc. I know my remote is supposed to allow me to pick different environments, but in practice I see no difference.

My wife and I are getting pretty old and her voice is getting more difficult for me to hear. Sometimes I accuse her of whispering. She wears this tiny mic on her shirt cuff although I told her to wear it near her collar. If I walk into the room with her the mic connects within seconds and her voice is quite loud. I had to turn the mic gain down. After two whole days of use it has proved very successful. I couldn’t ask more for $74.99. I am not sure about battery life. I suspect 8 hrs for the mic is a little exaggerated.

As far as environments go, I have Every day, Restaurant, and Entertainment. I tried Restaurant once and it just seemed to increase the volume. I leave the setting on Every day.

The tiny bluetooth microphone was $74.99? Would you have a link to site and page you bought it from?

I buy a lot of stuff on eBay:

Thanks for the lead!

Using the mic does drain my hearing aid battery fairly fast. We only turn on the mic when having a conversation then turn it off.

After using this device for 10 days I can say it is an absolute gem. The next time I have an appointment, I am going to ask the doctor to clip this onto his coat pocket. Then I will be able to understand everything he says.

It doesn’t do as well in the middle of the dining table surrounded by twelve family members talking at the same time.

Glad you’ve found it helpful.