Alead Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

I walked into my nearby Kaiser facility to pick up a prescription for the first time since it opened after the pandemic closure. I really couldn’t understand the “welcome” lady behind her mask. I went into the restroom and turned on my Alead wireless mic, connected it via Bluetooth to my left hearing aid, and pinned the mic on my shirt pocket. Then, a test conversation with the welcome lady went fine. At the pharmacy I set the mic on the counter near the Asian lady who I can never understand, explained what it was, and our transaction went fine.
I have always used the mic during doctor appointments and visits to the dentist. Now, with masks, it is indispensable.


Totally agree with you. Here masks are mandatory and plexiglass are the norm. I explain what it is. Place it on the counter behind the glass and i hear everything. It is a must. Essential.

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Can you provide a link to it? Sounds useful and I have never heard of it. Thanks!

ALEAD, INC - Bluetooth Wireless Microphones

I have the ALead LiveMIC2 that I bought several years ago on eBay. Before I bought it I asked Alead if it was compatible with my Sound World Solution Companion hearing aids and they said yes, it would work fine.

Does it work with Phonak hearing aids?

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