Alcohol and hearing loss


It seems that caffeine and alcohol dulls my hearing a bit, but if I drink more than two drinks I hear people better.

Does anyone have experience with this?

I’m also wondering if alcohol damages the nerve for hearing?

Any thoughts?


I suspect that after two drinks that you think you hear people better. A quick Google search suggests some connection between alcohol consumption and hearing loss. It’s possible the connection is that people drinking alcohol are often in loud places.


Yes, usually in loud places and that’s when I hear better. I think people in loud places project their voices better and maybe that’s why I hear them.
I have a friend who can’t even have a conversation with her husband who wears aids, he doesn’t hear her. She said he has no problem in bars hearing people. I told her people in bars project louder than normal.


I meantI hear better in loud places when drinking. I don’t hear well in loud places when I don’t drink.


Again, my suspicion is that it’s more your perception than an improvement in hearing. After you’ve had a couple of drinks, you may not care if you understand every word. You may just be enjoying being around people. I could obviously be wrong.


It happens at home when we have people over too. Perception maybe, I don’t know. Thanks


Maybe the Alcohol is melting wax…:slightly_smiling_face:


That’s funny, guess I’ll have to drink more.


I think the research is still inconclusive as to whether drinking alcohol in a moderate amount leads to hearing loss … that could be good news?

I just gave up ALL alcohol two weeks ago for overall health reasons. I sure sleep way better, altho my hearing is not going to get miraculously better any time soon, LOL.


Good for you. I’m trying to cut down alcohol, hard thou. Please let me know if your hearing improves–I’m wondering if alcohol makes an effect.


LOL!!! I wish it would improve. I’d have given up the drink at 16 if that was the case.

But seriously, I have sensoneural hearing loss (due to a pair of BALD cochleas), and have been told that nothing will improve my kind of loss … unless someone makes custom toupees for the cochlea?