Alarms and timers with hearing aid


I am a second year student at Imperial College London, working on a group design project focusing around the user group of the deaf and hard of hearing. We are working to design and create an alarm/timer device that has strong non-auditory outputs, and means that when timing, people are not constrained to the room where the timed activity is taking place.

We would love some feedback and comments about the issues that d/Deaf people have with timers/alarm clocks and how they intergrate with hearing aids and such, and anything they would particularly want out of one. Our brief states that our final product must be mechanical in some aspect, so we would appreciate any ideas on this!

A smart phone with Bluetooth is a very handy timer.

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That’s what I was going to say. They also make alarm clocks that place a disc under the mattress that shakes the bed. I appreciate your effort but this seems to be a pretty well covered category already.

I guess from my perspective you’d want a large/bright strobelight and a powerful vibrator with option to disable either. Also large display with large buttons but maybe a version with more traditional display and control for those with normal dexterity (I personally don’t enjoy only seeing much older folks or little little kids using hearing gadgets in ads; I am only 39). Bluetooth and telecoil connectivity options would be a bonus.

I guess I am already rapidly solutionizing without much consideration for performance requirements; sorry. Who should be able to use it, in what environments, how should it be powered, retention of info during power failure in the events it runs on mains power, connectivity options…etc.

I use my Garmin watch because it vibrates for an alarm.