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Not sure if this is a wierd question or not but how do you hear your clock radio in the morning when it goes off? Obviously my aids are not in at night, I am a heavy sleeper and there are times when I need to hear the clock but my husband has left for the day. Any suggestions? A bright light won’t do it as our bedroom is already nice and bright. Thank you.

Just saw this today: 10 Life Changing Alarm Clocks for People with Hearing Loss - Everyday Hearing

I have the same situation - even traveling solo and needing to hear an alarm go off. LUCKILY, my Oticon Opn aids with RIE and soft, double-domes are comfy enough to sleep in. What I do is wear ONE of them per night (don’t need two to hear the alarm go off). I set the alarm on my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, which has a ringtone easy for me to hear. That way, I give one of my ears a rest from ANY aid being in it all night long. The other ear does double-duty, wearing the aid for 36 hrs straight. Not ideal for ear health, but I have to do it!

My sister has the Sonic Boom that she bought on Amazon for around $50 and it will basically wake the dead! It also has a pillow pad that vibrates: she’s a heavy sleeper and this wakes her up.

In my view, the super loud alarms and the wake-lights are not good if you sleep with a partner. My wife gets up much later than I do, so those solutions wouldn’t work for me.

I ended up purchasing the Shake Awake alarm clock, and using a wrist wallet to hold it. I am a heavy sleeper and found myself still sleeping through the alarm occasionally, so I purchased a second one and that did the trick. I’ve gone through a couple of wrist wallets, the zippers tend to break, but they’re cheap.

Amazon Links:
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I had never heard of the Dittobefore, which was in the list MDB posted. I might try that eventually, it looks interesting.

One option if you like to wear Fitbit or something equivalent on your wrist to sleep (because they monitor your sleep pattern and sleeping time as well) is to just set an alarm to get it to vibrate on your wrist to wake you up. This is also good if you’re sleeping with a partner and don’t want to wake them up.

that’s an idea. I don’t want something waking me that is as loud as a siren so maybe something vibrating will help.

As per the OP her husband has already left is why she is looking for something reliable. OP remember it won’t sound like a siren to you. The Sonics can be set (as most others) to alarm only, vibrate only or a combo of both.

I just tried out the Serene Vibrating Alarm Clock from last night. Needed to get up at 6am and wanted to see if this device would do the job as well as be small enough for travel. YES on both counts! It costs $48.28 and measures 4.5" wide by 2.75" high by almost 1.25" thick. It weighs a pound. Now that may sound like a slab of filet mignon, but it’s battery operated. You can set this to sound alarm, HOLY SHAKER (and believe me, you’ll be saying the same at 6am when it wakes you up!), or sound + shake. It comes with a short leash and clip to clip onto your pillow. You won’t feel it underneath the pillow when sleeping, but that vibration will definitely reverberate right down to your sternum.

I will definitely travel with this solo. The device may be a bit heavy, but my ear health is way more important, and I just don’t like having an aid in for that many hours listening for the alarm on my Samsung phone … wearing the battery down even as I sleep.

I have used Vibra Lite watches for many years, as I have probably had 5 or 6. They work great for me as alarm clock.

Also, as I don’t hear smoke or CO2 alarms at all, the VA sent me this elaborate Silent Call bed shaker under mattress. It is set off by the smoke alarm but also can be set to telephone and doorbell. And great alarm clock. It is what I call an ‘industrial strength’ shaker!