Airport scanner experience

went through security 8-8-11 and all but 2 of my pack of #10 hearing aid:mad: batteries were dead. Just bought them last month.

Before throwing them out rub a pencil eraser over the top of the batteries ( the side with the little holes) and see if that brings them to life. Sometimes the stickers on the batteries have an excessive amount of adhesive on them and the eraser will remove it.

I work at an international airport and go through these scanners everyday, in and out and have never had any reason to suspect my battery life has been reduced by them.

HOWEVER, the owners manual was VERY specific about NOT exposing my HAs to X-rays. Along with going through the metal detection scanners, all hand carried items have to be X-ray’d. Thus I ALWAYS wear my HAs when going through security so they only go through the metal scanner and not the X-ray machine.

I don’t know the effects of X-rays on batteries. Did your batteries go through the X-ray scanner or were they on your person when you went though the metal detector?